Friday, August 18, 2017

A Few Favorites Right Now

Life really does seem to pass on hyperspeed. I was talking with my 13 year old nephew the other day about this exact thing. I said when I was 13, I felt like life went by so slowly. It always felt like FOREVER until my birthday! But I told him that it is so true what they say, life just starts going by so quickly and before you know it, years are flying by.

With that in mind, I am aware now of enjoying little things. Of taking 10 minutes out of my cleaning frenzy to sit down and play pretend with Victoria. Of trying not to do anything until I finish my warm cup of coffee (I learned this one the hard way after drinking one too many cold cups of coffee at 11am). Or of taking a few moments to savor the sweet unique laughs of my babies. Sometimes it is just stopping to acknowledge the convenience of something that is making life with kids more enjoyable, or that has made mom-life a little bit easier. 

In no particular order, here are a few things I am really loving right now:

How Victoria always loves to dress like this. 
I know this stage is fleeting, especially for a serious child like Victoria. But it was such a funny moment for me when I asked her to get ready to go to the store and found her dressed up in her dress, crown, and necklace, and putting on her gym shoes (sans socks apparently). 

My Lenny Lamb Ring sling,
which my very active baby, Charlotte, who literally jumps and bounces with energy all day, absolutely loves to be carried in. She will rest against me in this for as long as I am content to carry her. 

My Birkenstock Mayari sandals
This is my second pair of these sandals, and this time I got them in patent white. My first pair was black and lasted me 3 years before breaking a few weeks ago. I wore them almost daily as weather permitted, and absolutely loved them. I bought them originally because someone recommended Birkenstocks for their arch support. They can be a little pricey, so I bought mine from oversees (usually German) vendors on eBay. But the arch support is unparalleled (I routinely walk miles around the zoo in these) and they last a long time, so I think the price is worth it for the quality. 

My hydrangea bushes
This year we have completed so many house projects, and one of them was a complete landscaping of our yard. One of the things we planted were some hydrangea bushes, and I have been diligent about watering them. The fruit of my labors have been gorgeous blooms like these, which I have so many of that I always have some in a jar on my kitchen table to enjoy. 

Mind you, I was not super excited about it when I found it. In fact, I called Victoria over and showed it to her and asked her if she did this. She responded with a sweet smile and shining blue eyes and said "yes, I drew special circles for you, mama." MELT. I did explain that she isn't to draw in mama's Bible, but what started out as an annoyance has since turned into something I quite treasure. I imagine I will look back on that page in 2 Corinthians many times throughout my life and think about the special gift that is my Victoria. 

Double shopping carts
Only a handful of stores carry shopping carts that fit two children in the basket like this. I am of the opinion that every store needs them! Grocery shopping with two babies that can't walk and a toddler is SO. TOUGH. Most of the time I don't even attempt it with the kids because logistically it wouldn't work. I'd have to push two carts around the entire store by myself: one full of kids, one full of food. But these carts! They are amazing!

A grandparent bought us this wagon as a combined Christmas gift for the kids, and it has been such a blessing. It has three seats (The back is slightly wider than the front) to accommodate all of our kids, but also has seat belts to keep the twins in check and a removable canopy to block the sun. We have just started using it regularly, as the twins are finally old enough, and I've been enjoying taking them on almost daily cruises around the neighborhood. Victoria cheers in excitement every time we go. 


  1. Beautiful post! For me, time moves faster with the addition of each child. We stay so busy keeping up with everyone and everything! Yet, I've come to recognize and savor slow. Slowing down to admire their creativity and joy. Slowing down to simply embrace being home with my little ones each day. My littlest ones have helped me see just how little even my oldest child is, and cherish this time. This post listing your favorites is so inspirational to look for the little pleasures, even a picture drawn with love in a Bible. :)

    p.s. Those two seater carts are SO NICE! I'm pretty selective of the stores I'll shop at with all of my little ones. Everyone having a place in a cart is so very helpful! I wish more stores offered the double seat carts. haha

  2. Glad to see you are well. Adorable girls!!!


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