Sunday, August 21, 2011

Leaving our First Home

My husband already had an apartment when we got married. He ended up having to get this apartment without ever having seen it. So our first married home ended up being an apartment we were not very fond of. Still, it is a bit bittersweet to leave your first home. We are in a new apartment which we love so much more, but that old apartment will always be our first place together! Here is a tribute to our first home.
Our kitchen had just been remodeled, which was so nice. But, I struggled to find places to put everything, as I only had 4 full-sized cabinets. I was also wishing for a gas stove (which I have now!)
 The apartment was spread over 2 levels, and these stairs took up a lot of our space in the little 780 square foot apartment. Also, I was hoping for a place with a coat closet by the front door. (Say hi to my husband!)
 The biggest perk of this apartment was the shower/tub. It was HUGE! The shower stream was also strong. This is the one thing we truly miss about this apartment.
We had a balcony off of our bedroom. As the bedroom was upstairs, and the kitchen downstairs, we never used our balcony. Now we are very happy to have a nice big balcony right off of our living room and kitchen. 

Stay tuned! I'll post pictures of our new apartment very soon.

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