Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baby Arms and Legs

I know a woman who is pregnant with twins right now. I am so excited for her and her husband, and I am so happy to be able to witness such a miracle. Last time I saw her, she mentioned to me that her babies had just developed arms and legs. Now, at just 12 weeks gestation, her babies have fingers, toes, eyes, etc. They are little people, only an inch and a half long.

I remember having a conversation with my dad once when I was younger, asking what abortion was. He responded by telling me that it is the killing of babies in the womb. Could you imagine my 10 year old horror? I had always dreamed of being pregnant one day, and the thought that a woman would kill a baby simply because she didn't want it completely baffled me.

My parents became Christians after they were married, but actually got pregnant with my sister before they were married. I remember the day I learned what abortion was, I think how lucky I was that my parents had chosen to marry and have raise my sister (taking responsibility for their actions) instead of just aborting her. My mom had only been 19, and my dad had been a college student. It would have made life so much easier if my mom had said "this is my body, my choice" and aborted the baby. Now when I see my sister, and her beautiful son, I can't tell you how happy I am that she is here and that my parents chose life.

I thought I never knew anyone who had had an abortion. It is not something you usually hear about openly. We all know they happen, but who? One day I was talking casually with a friend and the issue of abortion came up. I told her my opinion was that abortion is not an option in any situation. She became a bit defensive saying how it should be a woman's choice, etc. I just looked at her and said "I believe every life is sacred and a blessing. I believe that a baby is the natural result of sex, and that if someone is not prepared for that eventuality, they should not be having sex. The choice is made when sex happens, not when a baby happens."

I forgot about that conversation until a few months ago when I found out that that friend had had an abortion before I met her. She found out she was pregnant and aborted the baby the next day. I never would have dreamed she was the "type" of person who would abort a baby. I now know that she suffers from incredible guilt and nightmares about a baby she couldn't wait to get out of her body.

Those little twins who are only 12 weeks along have eyes, fingers, toes.... It's just so sad that someone could not think they are human. More than that, I feel so bad for girls who rush into abortion without knowing the horrible haunting that will follow them the rest of their lives. I was talking with another friend recently and she said that she used to believe in abortion, but after seeing the devastation in the lives of women she knew who were haunted by the loss of their babies, she thought women shouldn't be allowed to do it to themselves.(She also has become convicted that it is wrong on the basis of murder as well).

I find it very sad that the only people who are outspoken about abortion tend to be outspoken with hatred toward the women who have them. We as Christians must love sinners and hate sins. We must stand up against abortion, but yet reach out and embrace the women who have had them. We must look at women who have committed such horrible crimes and see them as they could be if they knew Christ. I've been reading Paul's letters in the New Testament and have been haunted by what he says about expecting the most out of believers, and expecting nothing out of nonbelievers. How can we expect women who don't know Christ to act as Christ would? And how can they ever know Christ if people like you and me don't bring them to Christ?

I hate abortion. I hate it with a passion. I hate that I live in a country where abortion is legal. But more important than mourning for lost children as a result from abortion, I've been commanded to love nonbelievers, bringing them to Christ so they may make wiser decisions. Christ called us to go and make disciples, and we are surrounded daily by women (and men) who are riddled with guilt. Most of the time, we pass them by and don't tell them we have the healing power of Jesus to help them. It's like watching someone die of illness when we have the curing medicine in our pocket.

Can Christianity change a nation? Can Christianity change the world? I think it can, but for that to happen, people like you and me need to stop sitting back quietly hoping for change. We need to love the change of Christ into this world.

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