Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10 Facts About Me

I have been blogging now for about 5 months. In the spirit of sharing a bit of myself on this blog to get to know and encourage others in Christ, I decided it would be a good time to introduce myself a bit more. So, here are 10 random facts about me.

1) I have broken my arms 3 times. I broke my first at age 5, broke the other one at age 8, and broke the first one again at age 13. The result is some limited flexibility in my left elbow.

2) I am 5'10 1/2" and have been so since I was 14. Most of the women in my family are tall, which is probably why I've never been uncomfortable with my height. My sister is the smallest at 5'6".

3) I love tea. I drink a cup of green tea every morning with breakfast, then probably drink between 2-4 more cups throughout the day. It's not a caffeine thing for me as I drink a lot of decaf; I just love tea.

4) My parents divorced when I was 14, after 23 years of marriage. To this day it was probably the most difficult time I have ever gone through. Everything has turned out well now, as both of my parents are remarried to wonderful people and I have great stepsiblings.

5) I will eat pretty much anything, except cottage cheese. I am not picky at all and I'll try anything once.  I'm not saying I like everything, but I'll try it. But cottage cheese's taste, smell, and texture reminds me of vomit.

6) I sleep like a 2 year old. Everyone in my family does and always has. I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere within 5 minutes. When I was a child, I used to ask my mom for nap time. I love sleeping.

7) I remember everything I read or that someone tells me. I remember birthdays, facts, articles I read, etc. My family jokes about the amount of "useless" facts I have stored away in my brain. They are very used to me saying "did you know....." and then relaying some fact I learned.

8) I have a college degree in Political Science. I also have minors in History and Islamic World Studies. I got the minor in Islam with the goal of being able to share Christ with Muslims. It has actually be very beneficial to that end.

9) My favorite color is Yellow. My husband says it suits my sunny personality.

10) I love reading. I especially love to read historical fiction. I will usually read 2-4 books at any one time and rotate between them.


  1. i want your height!! I'm just under 5/4 and taller than my mom, sister, niece, and both grandmothers i believe. i don't like it!!! :) but i cant change it, so i must accept it! :) you are pretty. enjoy your life. I'm almost 44. i wish i could ne younger again. but id only want yo go through the years again if i were wiser!!! :)" best wishes to you.

  2. I m just like you, I read three to four books at the same time and rotate, depending on how i feel :)

  3. oh and I love historical fiction as well!


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