Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sinus Relief

My sinuses have been an issue for me the last several years. I have an allergy to mold, so the second it gets wet outside, I get hit with horrible pain in my sinuses. Ah, the joy of living in mid-western USA!

I've tried so many things to relieve the pain, from sinus rinses (made by the neti pot people), massage, nasal decongestants, allergy medications. Some of it works, but I am not comfortable with popping pills every other day! 

This winter has been good for me and I really haven't had much pain, but today a thunder storm rolled in and I woke up with the familiar feeling again. Luckily, my husband bought me this for Christmas.
The Mabis Steam Inhaler. It is amazing! I got some peppermint and eucalyptus oils to add to the steam and I just love the results I've had from this machine. It heats up very quickly and just 5 minutes of steam inhalation with the oils really helps my sinuses pressure. I joked with my husband this morning that I was going to go "cuddle with my steamer", because I just love it so! 

If you have sinus pain, I suggest you give this machine a try. It costs about $25 on Amazon

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