Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Travel Photos

I have had a few people ask me to post photos from my travels. I actually don't have that many because my laptop was stolen last year (and my photos went right along with it!). But I do have some that I will share. I believe it is such a wonderful experience to discover the world, and I hope to be able to give the same gift to my children someday.

The habor in Antalya, Turkey
A cave city in central Turkey. These were built by Christians in the middle ages and were inhabited until just 80 years ago.
The scary view from inside a "cave house" in central Turkey
And of course, a cave church in central Turkey. So richly painted
I stopped my bike to take this photo of a man tending his field in central Turkey. How majestic!
The center of the world according to the Romans. They measured the distance to all things in the empire from this spot. In Istanbul, Turkey
The amazing Hagia Sofia in Istanbul Turkey. A church built in the 400s bc by the Romans, then a mosque, now a museum.
One of the gold mosaics in the Hagia Sofia (baby Jesus and Mary)
The gorgeous view of the Bosphorus straight that divides Istanbul. I am on the Europe side. This was the view from my university.
Another view from my university in Istanbul shows the fortress built by Mehmet the Conquerer in the 1400s
Beautiful waterfalls in Minas Gerais, Brazil. I had to hike 2 hours to see this!
New Years fireworks off of Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
More to come!

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