Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 25th Birthday

This past weekend was my 25th birthday. I am officially closer to 30 than I am to 20. I know in the grand scheme of things I am still very young, but for some reason this birthday hit me a little bit. 25? Already?

Time has flown these days few years. That is what living in love is like, I guess. Isn't it amazing how when life is going so great, and you are brimming with happiness, everything seems to speed up?

My husband surprised me before my birthday (he hates holding a surprise back, so I almost always get gifts early) with my gift. He bought it last month after we visited a half-price furniture gallery to look for a new sofa (we didn't end up buying one yet). They had this beautiful painting set there which I fell in love with. It was on clearance for only 1/4 of the original price, and it was so "me".

I oohed and ahhed over it for a few minutes before dragging myself away from it. My husband ended up going back the next day to purchase it for me. Now I have this beautiful painting set on my wall

Excuse the glare, as this was the hardest thing to get a decent photo of. I LOVE it! It was so thoughtful of my husband to purchase it for me.

For my birthday my husband also took me to see my family. We have really pulled in the purse strings the past few weeks, and are in a much better financial place now than we were even a few weeks ago. My husband managed to scrape some money together and take me to spend the weekend with my mom and siblings. My mom's birthday is the day after mine, so it is very nice when we get to celebrate together. We had a small party on Saturday night, and I got to relax and enjoy myself with family.

And of my course, my mom and I spent Saturday morning resale shopping (it's our tradition). Armed with the $20 my husband gave me the ok to spend, I found some of the best deals, EVER.

One of them is this fireplace set, which I bought brand new, still in the box.
I had been looking for a fireplace "decoration" screen, and we needed a tool set as well. The local Target store donates their leftover clearance items to the resale shops near my mom, so I found this set, brand new. The screen was originally $39.99, and I got it for $6.50. The tool set was originally $34.99, and I got it for $6. Amazing huh?! And, the amber glass matched my new painting perfectly!

So all in all, it was a good birthday. I am 25 now, which is still unbelievable. At my age my mom had 3 children. Maybe this year is my year?


  1. I have read your post and I love it :) It is so beautiful, you seem to be such a happy and kind hearted person. I am turning 25 next week, and I am not where you are (yet? lol) so I ask myself a lot of questions. I am a journalist wanting to be a wildlife journalist and thus travel etc as this is my wildest dream, but I am with a man who wants to stay put, and I love him but I do wonder if I should do more things for myself while I am still young. I am very happy after reading your uplifting post though, just to see other people are happy helps :) I won't have many people with me on my birthday as I am more of a looner, but being one with life everyday and appreciating what I have and just having a thought for the people, animals and children out there on that day that should be mine is enough :) I wish I could 'give it away' to help the planet. I should start a new job on my bday week as well, which is a great gift but things are not fully settled now and if that didn't work out I think I'd get ready to travel again. In any cases, 25 is a big deal, it is a quarter of a century, and a time when I too would want to be settled and married and thinking of having children like you are, or I would like to be thinking about documenting even more of our stunning wildlife. Life is about turns, ups and downs, but being grateful for what happiness one gives and what lessons the other does, is the greatest gift. Thanks for your post, I wish you tons of luck, love and happiness throughout your life!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I try to stay up-beat even though life doesn't always bring the best things around. I rejoice in the Lord always!
      I used to travel quite a bit, and will begin traveling again soon for leisure (a few weeks here and there) as money becomes available. After living abroad for years, i finally realized that it is not where I am, but who I am with that is the most important. So as much as I LOVED living in Istanbul, Turkey, I knew that being lonely in Istanbul is NOT how things should be.

      Best of luck for you with your new job and travels. And I hope you find peace in the blessings the Lord gives you every day.

  2. Thank you as well for your reply! How lucky you were online :) And thank you for your blessings, I have found peace, but need to find balance now, in everyday life. God bless you and your family.


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