Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Unlikely New Shoes

I just bought these 75% off at Kohls (thanks to all my coupons and the fact that were were already 50% off). At first I hesitated. Loafers? Me? But my husband said they looked cute, and after I put them on and felt how comfortable they are, I bought them. What do you think? Can I pull them off?


  1. You can totally pull them off! Some of the most unlikely shoes I have purchased turned out to be my favorites. Listen to the Husband. He knows what he is talking about!

  2. Very cute! I wouldn't be able to wear them, because my feet are so wide, but they look good on you ;)

  3. I personally don't wear these, but I've seen them on other women and they looked great. I guess it depends on what the rest of your outfit is! :)

  4. I think they're cute :) Keep in mind though that I live in Australia where the staple shoes are thongs (I think you guys call them flip flops?), so my opinion on fashion should be taken with a grain of salt :)

    How does your husband dress himself? Do you trust his advice?


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