Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gift Planning

I mentioned in past posts how I have started buying gifts when I see a good deal. My husband and I put aside a certain amount of money every year for gifts, and that way we can buy them all year long when we see good deals, and therefore end up spending less. This is especially good for us since we have big families!

So this last weekend our local Yankee Candle store was having a special sale to celebrate the store being open for 1 year. I love candles (which started when we had a neighbor who was overly fond of curry). So finding nice scented candles on sale was great! I ended up going there and buying all of these:
These small jars are usually $10.99 and were on sale for just $4. Not bad for name-brand candles. So I bought a bunch of them as you can see, along with a couple packs of scented tealights which were also on sale. I will probably end up using a few of these, but I plan to give all the ladies in my family a candle and a homemade nightgown for Christmas. Something heartfelt and something nice all at once:) and all for a good price!

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