Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 day Juice Fast: Day 2

I cannot believe I have made it 48 hours only on liquids. Not only that, I cannot believe I actually feel fine. I haven't suffered from any hunger pains today, and I've been surprised by how full the juice makes me. I thought it would be that I'd drink and be starving again 30 minutes later. This nutrient-rich juice is different though, and I can go 2-3 hours between drinks, just like if I was eating normal food. My husband and I were both discussing how this is so much easier than we thought it would be.

And seriously, if I can so something like this, anyone can.

I've also found that it is pretty easy to disguise the taste of a lot of the vegetables we are drinking. I put spinach, kale, and broccoli in nearly every drink because of their protein and calcium content, but they aren't the best tasting. So I've begun to put in a lot of carrots and an apple into nearly everything. That one apple can change the entire taste of a juice which is completely vegetables otherwise. I also have been adding an inch of ginger root to everything. I love the taste of ginger, and it makes me feel like I'm drinking something exotic. It also helps with the acidity of the juice in the morning.

There is only one difference I've seen in my body so far: I am so full of energy. I was up super early this morning and got a million things done today. Among the things I did: I built a new jewelry holder, did laundry, washed all the floors in the house, went to the thrift store, put together and hung up the wall hangings for our bedroom, scrubbed the bathrooms, flipped the mattress and changed the sheets, groomed my plants, made a batch of laundry soap, etc. I kept telling myself to sit down and rest a bit, but then after sitting for 2 minutes I'd be up and about again. Slothfulness is something I struggle with daily, so the fact that I was so energetic and productive today was very out of the ordinary. Yesterday I kept getting this slight jittery feeling like I've had too much caffeine, even though I haven't had any in the last 2 days.

Tomorrow is the last day and honestly, I feel like I could probably go longer. But I won't:)

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