Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 day Juice Fast: Day 3

Well everyone, I made it. Today was a difficult day because I had one of my famous sinus headaches. When I get these headaches my entire head seems to be puffed up and "full", and I feel like my sinuses are trying to squeeze my eyes out. I have a well stocked medicine cabinet for such headaches, but was unable to take anything but Tylenol because I didn't have solid food in my stomach. So I was in pain all day.

My husband is having a shut-down at work this week, which means all the people who work in the plant get a week of vacation while the engineers (my husband) and maintenance staff install new machinery and perform maintenance on everything. They only have 2 weeks like this each year and it is always very busy. So he was been working all weekend. Today was a rough day for him and at about 2pm I got a text message pleading with me to make some solid food for dinner.

Since I started my fast Thursday evening after dinner, I gave in and said we could break our juice fast tonight. So my fast was over at about 6pm, when I took my first bite of homemade pizza. It tasted great but honestly, I didn't want anything more than 1 slice.

I told my husband I am almost a little disappointed by how undramatic this fast was. I thought this was going to be a real test of my self-control and that these 3 days would be agonizing. I spent a week preparing myself mentally for it, only for it to pass without much drama. The juice actually made me feel full, which is not what I expected at all. I didn't have any hunger pangs except what I had the first morning, and I actually enjoyed most of the juices I made. I could have kept this juice fast going another few days if it didn't take so much time to make the juice and clean the juicer. I'll definitely consider doing a fast like this again now that I know it is not very difficult.

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