Monday, June 4, 2012

Sewing Pretty Pillows

I saw this pillow on pinterest a few weeks ago and knew it was one of the pillow patterns I wanted to use in my living room.
Well, the pattern was something you actually had to buy from the website, and I am not about to do that. So I ventured to make it myself out of some of the new fabric I got for my living room pillows:
So today I sat down and decided to just make it without the pattern, and it turned out great! It only took me a little over an hour to figure out. This is what I did (in case you want to try it yourself).

Step 1) cut out your fabric like this

2 large square panels that are bigger than your pillow form by at least 1" on every side. Luckily my pillow had an old cover I could use as a pattern here. 1 piece of a complementary pattern which is as wide as the 2 large panels, but only 1/2 to 2/3 as long. And two pieces about 2 1/2" wide and 12" long.

Step 2) Fold both short sides, and one of the long sides of your complementary piece over twice and sew them to prevent fraying
Step 3) Sew your long pieces by folding them in half, and then tucking the edges under to prevent frayin
Step 4) Put the complementary piece right-side-in against one of the 2 large panels (also right-side-in). Put one of the ties between the two pieces, so that it will be sewn in when you sew the two pieces together. Pin the pieces together and sew a straight edge.

Step 5) Taking the other large panel, fold an edge over twice and sew it to prevent fraying
Step 6) Sew the other tie onto this seam by placing it's end against the inside of the seam so that the tie is sticking out away from the square.

Step 7) Lay the two square panels against each other (right-side-in) and match-up the edge you sewed in step 5 with the crease between the other panel and the complementary piece.

Pin the two large panels together and sew around the 3 edges that do not connect with the complementary piece.

Step 8) Turn the case right-side-out and put the pillow form into it.
Once the form is in, tuck the complementary piece inside so it is covering the pillow form

Now just tie the ties into a bow and VOILA.... all done!

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