Monday, June 18, 2012

Quote of the Week

Faith sees the invisible, believes the unbelievable, and receives the impossible --Corrie Ten Boom

I have been lax in my quote of the week duties, but I've decided to pick it up again and hopefully provide you with a nice bit of wisdom to start your week.

When you were a child and people talked about believing and having faith, it worked. You were fine with not having definite proof that there is a God and he is the Christian God. But as you got older, maybe you started thinking that maybe faith isn't enough. Maybe this whole God and Christianity thing isn't true. Maybe you are just talking to the air when you pray and no one is actually listening.

You aren't alone if you've thought those thoughts, even if you've never admitted to them out loud. I believe they are normal thoughts to have. God, after all, created us to be deep thinking.

Faith is the first step in Christianity; it is a choice to believe that Christianity is true. But I truly believe that God is not about letting us wander through life wondering if he really is there. After you take that initial "leap" of faith, God makes himself known to you in small ways: through tugs at your heart to do the right thing, through people he brings into your life to counsel you and help you, through provisions he blesses you with, and through the comfort that he brings in hard times.

There are people I know who do not believe in God, and they ask me how I know he is there. I say "well, I decided he was the only logical conclusion, and after I decided that and took that leap of faith, he went about proving his presence to me. Now I know without a doubt he is there. But that initial leap of faith had to be mine".

I love the verse in an old DC Talk song "Can you see God? Have you ever seen him? I've never seen the wind, I've seen the effects of the wind but I've never seen the wind."

If you struggle with the logic behind believing in God, please read Andy Stanley's How Good is Good Enough?. I'm giving away a copy of this book in my 200th post giveaway, but I encourage you to read it whether you win it from me or not. It lays out in less than 90 small pages the logic behind believing in Christianity rather than other religions.

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  1. Beautiful!! On this topic- listening to Voddie Baucham's sermon 'Why I Believe the Bible' is fantastic too. I believe it can be found on for anyone interested.


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