Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fall To-Do List

Autumn is fast approaching and I have mixed feelings about it. As much as I prefer warmer weather, I am happy that I live where I do, since I get to experience 3 months of each season. I enjoy variety and that is what I get where I live. Due to the drought in the US, all the trees around us are already changing color and falling. And when I say they are changing color, I mean they are turning brown. No beautiful fall for us this year, it seems.

Autumn is also a difficult time for me, mostly because of my horrible allergies and sinus issues. I am allergic to mold, and a bunch of dead leaves decaying on the ground is just torture. But I am determined to enjoy myself this fall no matter what!

So here is a list of all the things I am going to do this fall. (And to make sure the definition is clear, I consider fall to be mid-September through November)

1) Go for a walk every day
            I usually walk during my lunch at work, but my favorite time to walk is in the evening with my husband. There is a cute little neighborhood nearby we like to stroll through, and I have decided we need to do that more often. We also have some gorgeous state parks nearby which are so nice to explore.

 2) Pick out and decorate/carve pumpkins
            While I love to carve pumpkins, especially to get the seeds to roast, I also have seen some great photos of decorated pumpkins from Pinterest I might want to try.

3) Eat dinner outside at least twice a week
            I thought we would do this all summer but it ended up being so oppressively hot. So now I am determined to do this during the autumn (hopefully it doesn’t get too cold!)

4) Roast pumpkin seeds
            Maybe even these fun flavors I found on pinterest
5) Make homemade apple cider
            I’ve never made it but I know it isn’t too difficult. And it sounds like it would make my house smell delicious! I think I'll try this Crock-pot/slow cooker recipe HERE

6) Go apple picking
            I haven’t been since I was a kid

7) Find a perfect pair of boots
            boots are a nightmare for me. It’s so difficult to find a pair that fits. I usually look like a 3 year old in my mom’s goulashes (the calves are always way too big). But I’m determined to find the perfect pair this year…. And not too expensive either.

8) Bake lots of pumpkin and apple recipes
9) Go to an MLS game
            We have a professional soccer team in town but I have yet to go to a game. I promised myself I would go to a game this season and there are only 4 home games left!

10) Fall Cleaning
            This is probably the most ongoing project for this season. I will clean one room at a time from top to bottom. Everything will be cleaned from top to bottom, inside and out. And of course everything will be reorganized into perfect order for my winter hibernation.

Are there any things you are excited to do this fall?


  1. These ideas are lovely, makes me soooo ready for fall!!!

  2. Wonderful! We have just entered Spring, which is delightful also.
    You are making me consider joining pinterest too!


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