Monday, September 3, 2012

Our hope is in the Lord

This is the Facebook status of my Pastor this morning, and I'd love to share it with you all. Such a great piece of wisdom. Let us not forget where our hope lies:

Food for thought as the Democrat Convention kicks off.

When the democrats took control of Congress in 2007...
Unemployment was 4.6%
The Budget Deficit was $260 Billion
The US Debt was $8,680,224,380,086.18
A gallon of gas was $2.18

Unemployment is 8.3%

The Budget Deficit is $1.1 Trillion
The US Debt is $15,990,541,092,391.91
A gallon of gas is $3.87

The point is simply to make the fact known there is plenty of blame to go around. President Bush, the Congressional Democrats and Republicans and President Obama have done great damage to our country.

Ultimately our hope will never be found in a politician but in Jesus Christ and the gospel of His grace.


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