Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Life Update

Well everyone, I know my attendance to this blog has not been as consistent as usual, but things have been changing a lot lately. So let me give you a little update

-I gave my 2 week notice at work on Monday, so my last day of work will be October 5th. I was feeling pretty good about this decision to quit my job, since the stress and unhappiness was really getting to me. Now that I have had a miscarriage last weekend, however, I am even MORE relieved to be leaving my job! There are a lot of emotional things happening in my life these days, and I know I need to slim down my life a bit. Everyone at my work has been very supportive, and I'm looking forward to continuing friendships with those I've been working with.

-That said, I still would like to earn some sort of income for me and my husband. If we want to finish off our debt as quickly as we'd like, we need me pulling some of the weight until we have children. I am considering getting some sort of part-time job somewhere. A woman at my church recommended a receptionist position to me at her work. I will be making about 2/3 the money I make now, but I think I would be much happier. I have that interview tomorrow, so pray for me! If I don't get this job, I will probably take a few weeks off to destress and organize my home. I'm feeling like I need the comfort of home more lately.

-I saw my gorgeous twin nephews this last weekend and it was the best visit. I loved spending time with my sister-in-law and the sweet babies, who are already 4 months old!

And I'll be able to more a little more time and effort into this blog, which I hope to continue to be a place of encouragement and support for Christian women everywhere. I'm excited about my new Modest Skirts for Sale blog feature. If you haven't checked it out, I have modest skirts I've scouted out for sale in the upper-right tab of my blog. I know how difficult it can be to find nice, non-frumpy, modest skirts, so I hope this will be a good source of encouragement for you all.

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  1. Hi Amy!
    I enjoy your blog so much you are a great Godly Lady to look up to! I have not been to your blog in a long time, we (my sisters and I ) closed our blog down at the beginning of the summer, do to my sister getting married, well to make a long story short, she ended the engagement, so we started our blog up again, and I saw your blog and have enjoyed it very much! I will be keeping you in my prayers!
    Your sister in christ


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