Thursday, September 13, 2012

Turn-Around Thursday

Thursday is a very positive day, I think. It's on the other side of mid-week when I start thinking about all the fun things I get to do this weekend (or maybe all the things I am finally going to get done this weekend!).

So I've decided to focus every Thursday on keeping positive. I know how it is to fall into sadness or pessimism when things aren't going my way, but I have found that there is nearly always a good side to everything. Sometimes it just requires some conscious effort to try to see a situation from a more positive point of view.

So here are my "turn-arounds" for this week:

1) Having to wait 2 weeks after ovulation to see if I am pregnant
Turn-around: At least I am not a Panda, which only ovulates 1 time per year. I always know I am just weeks away from being able to try again.

2) Hearing my upstairs neighbors as they walk across the floor at all hours of the night
 Turn-around: If I can hear them, they can probably hear me, so they are only a loud shout away if anything bad happens.

3) I left a container of yogurt in my car months ago and still cannot get the smell out, no matter what I've tried
Turn-around: I get to spend a lot of time at the candle store buying air fresheners and deodorizers... and I LOVE the candle store

4) My husband left me alone to go on a business trip. He's back now but I missed him quite desperately (and slept with the bathroom light on because I was scared!).
Turn-around: It can be really nice to do what I want to do when I want to do it and not worry about him. I got so much reading and sewing done!

5) My hair decided this morning it was going to be rebellious and turned into a crazy mop by the time I reached work
Turn-around: God created hair clips and ponytails

Please share your own turn-around from this week in a comment!

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  1. Fantastic post! I laughed so hard at you being glad you are not a panda- creative turn-around! You have a good sense of humour.

    I'll share Cassandra's from yesterday because I was so proud of her:
    We went to the fabric store (which is half a party-goods store) and because they were so helpful I bought them each a special helium balloon with a pattern on it.
    They walked outside with them in sheer delight, but getting into the car the balloons both touched the hot metal and exploded loudly. The children were so distraught. Cassandra sobbed hard for about 5 minutes and then said through hiccups 'Well Mum. I suppose it's not so bad, because we have some balloons at home' (boring plain ones in a packet, but what a good attitude for a 4 year old in the face of a big disappointment!) I told her how proud of her I was and explained the word 'resilience' to her. You should have seen her blush when I bragged about her to her father that night.

    Oh, and a few weeks ago my chickens escaped and dug up all of my garden beds (with new little seedlings) -weeks of hard work! My perspective had to be 'Oh well. They've aerated the soil just in time for spring planting.'


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