Monday, October 8, 2012

Goals of a Part-time housewife

I am now a part-time housewife, which I am very excited about. Many of you know that I chose to quit my job 2 weeks ago, and my last day was yesterday. There was a lot of confusion as I tried to figure out what to do next and where I should go, especially after miscarrying a few weeks ago. Should I get another job? What kind of job do I get? Will I make enough money at a more simple job to make it worth my while to be out of the house? My husbands job is ramping up, and I really need to be taking on more of the load at home.

So this week I was driving home from work and had a nice long conversation with God, the gist of which was "God, I REALLY need your guidance here, and if you could give me your guidance in a more obvious way, I'd REALLY appreciate it!"

So the next day I walked into work and my coworker, who is my semi-boss/mentor at work, asked me to go out to coffee. He explained that they really don't want to lose me at my work, and since the stress was really getting to me, he proposed a new arrangement which is essential hourly work with no set schedule ("you can choose to work 2 hours a week or 40 hours a week. It's doesn't really matter") and excludes all the stressful parts of my job (no more traveling, etc.). AND the hourly rate I will be making is more than my current salary per hour. It is absolutely the perfect solution, as I will have a very flexible schedule at a job I already know, and minus all the stress!

And they say God doesn't answer prayers! 
I feel so good about this, and now that I will be working part-time, I will also get to be a part-time wife. I have lots of hobbies and little things I like to do, so the idea of finally having more time to do them is so exciting for me. So here is my list of all the goals I have for my new life as a part-time housewife.

1) Get a housekeeping schedule together and keep with it.

2) Empty then reorganize all the closets. How is it that no matter how much you try to keep closets clean and uncluttered, they just junk themselves up again?

3) Use coupons when I grocery shop. I know they are out there, but I never had time to gather them before. I will be making less money in total now that I am working part-time, so saving money on groceries will help with the deficit.

4) Cook dinner every day. My husband gets home from work around 3:30 everyday and when I was working full-time I didn't get home until 5:30, so he usually cooked for us during the week. I am really looking forward to taking this over, as I like to cook and can't wait to try out new recipes.

5) Practice my viola at least 3 times per week and eventually join the community orchestra. One of my coworkers is the conductor for the community orchestra, and I have always wanted to join. Now I will have the time to join and practice.

6) Get started on learning the piano. I have a full-size keyboard and have been trying to learn how to play for a few years, but it always went into the background somewhere. Even if I only spend 10 minutes every day, I am excited to learn it.

7) Get my sewing projects finished for Christmas. I have a bunch of nightshirts to sew for the ladies in my family.... and I haven't even started!

8) Keep trucking along on my language studies by practicing the ones I know (Portuguese, Finnish, and Turkish) and working on the languages I want to know (French and Polish)

9) Exercise every day. I usually do Pilates and brisk walking.

10) Write a book. When I was a child I was constantly writing, and I am still very much like that, only I don't have the time! I've always wanted to write a book about my travels.

11) Find more modest skirts to sell. I've been very lucky in finding some amazing deals, which I then sell on ebay (there are links to these in the modest skirts tab on the upper-right side of this blog). I love thrift store shopping and I always find great, high quality skirts that don't fit me (or that I don't need). Check them out if you want, I only sell skirts which are knee-length or below.

Well, I know this list is ambitious and probably unrealistic, but I'm still going to try! This morning I was a bit lazy as I caught up on sleep, but I'm already feeling less stressed and more able to conquer the world.

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  1. Oh Amy- this list is so exciting! I am a big goal-setter.

    I've often wished you lived around the corner from me. We'd have so much to chat about.


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