Thursday, October 4, 2012

Turn-around Thursday

As I always say: "the only thing we can really control is our attitude". Bad things are going to happen no matter what. So here are my "turn-arounds" for this Thursday

1.) We came home on Sunday from a weekend out of state to a very messy apartment. And I was immediately ashamed at how much I have been slacking as a homemaker
Turn-around: My last day of work is this Friday and then I will be able to devote more time to keeping an orderly home. Plus, only a small percentage of people on this earth can say they have "too much stuff".

2.) The sole of my only pair of flat shoes (not sandals or gym shoes) ripped off
Turn-around: They weren't very good arch-supporting shoes anyway

3.) One of the small diamonds fell out of my wedding ring and I have no idea where it went
Turn-around:  People probably assume I've been married longer than 1.5 years because my ring already has so much character, and that is nice because then I won't have to hear those "give it a few  years" comments people give newlyweds about how marriage will become awful.

4.) It is fall which means my sinus headaches are thriving and I am in horrible pain all the time
Turn-around: It gives me an excuse to ask for head massages from my husband, and being as wonderful as he is, he always obliges. It makes me feel loved

5.) I found out my poor overworked husband has to work first AND third shift this weekend.
Turn-around: At least it will give me an excuse to get out of the house in the afternoon so he can sleep. Perhaps I'll try to find a replacement pair of shoes for the ones that died.

Do you have any turn-arounds to share this week?


  1. This is such a great idea. Looking for the good in the bad.

    Can't think of any turn-arounds that I can share :) but I will start thinking of situations this way

  2. Good turn arounds :)

    We are all sick again this week- this has been a year of one illness after another. But this time, I have finally learned to make good decisions- resting instead of doing physical labour etc- I am recovering so much faster!

  3. I feel ridiculously stressed and overwhelmed this week.
    Turnaround: Part of the reason I feel so stressed is that I have the chance to head out of town next week and visit some friends.

    Many of my classmates are finding jobs for next year and making concrete plans for the future...I have no job and no plans.
    Turnaround: God has great plans on how he is going to use me and has complete direction of my life - I trust everything will work out according to his plans.

    And...since today is Friday - congratulations on your last day of work :) I know this has been a stressful job and am sure today is exciting for you!


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