Friday, October 19, 2012

My New Housekeeping Schedule

I am making some headway on my goals now that I am a part-time housewife. Now that I am working part-time, I am able to do so much more at home and it is really exciting!


I have finally put together a housekeeping schedule, and I am happy to report that my home is already looking SO much less cluttered, organized, and clean.

Every day:
-at least 1 load of laundry
-clean kitchen counters and stovetop
-Two 10 minute tidy-ups every day
-Make bed(s)

Kitchen (includingorganize cupboards, clean out fridge, clean appliances)

Meal planning and Grocery shopping



Dusting and closet organization

Bedrooms (including changing sheets) and catch up if I call behind on anything


I've been keeping with this schedule this week and so far so good. I have a few logical choices for which days I chose for which items. For example, most grocery stores restock on Mondays, so grocery shopping on Tuesday means we'll have fresher food. And Monday I'll be cleaning out the fridge for all the nice fresh food I buy on Tuesdays.

It's actually a bit of a stress relief to have this all laid out. I tend to feel like I need to clean everything all the time, and I feel guilty when that doesn't happen. But now I know that I will in fact get everything cleaned at least once per week. Success!

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