Friday, November 23, 2012

A Quick Trick for Saving Money on Holiday Shopping

I talked about the Ebates website a few months ago in a posting I wrote about saving money, but I wanted to mention it to you all again now that you are probably doing more online shopping for Christmas.

I found out about Ebates in a financial magazine article and decided to check it out. It is a referral website which shares kickback money with you as you do online shopping. It is simple, all you have to do it sign up for an account (I believe you get $5 for signing up) and then as you do online shopping, simply enter the shopping websites through the Ebates website (there are hundreds of stores on there which many of you shop at: Macy's, Kohls, Amazon, Sears, Target, etc.). Ebates is then given a referral kickback from the shopping website and they share that kickback with you (usually between 2-10% of what you spend).

There are some great cash back percentages today (many stores are offering double cash back) in particular. I have been using this for a while and have seen that it works. It is super easy to. Just by entering (For example) from the Ebates website, Amazon already knows you were "Referred" and you will see your cash back show up in your Ebates account within a week or so.

If you're like me and will be shopping a bit online anyway, it is definitely worth it.

Click HERE to check out the website and sign up

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