Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We went to visit my husband's family for Thanksgiving this year and it was a great time. We only got to stay for 1 day since my husband had to work today, but it was well worth the delicious food and time with everyone.

Most of you know that my husband's brother had twin sons in May of this year, and I am an ever doting aunt. But my husband's cousin also had twin sons in May, just 13 days before my nephews were born. So we had 4 baby boys at Thanksgiving this year and there was just too much cuteness to go around.

Me and my husband with our nephews (and their "my auntie rocks" and "my uncle rocks" shirts!)

my adorable nephews. LOVE the mustache pacifier!

"Here, let me straighten this for you"

One of my nephews, and the cousin's little blond twins!

my husband:)

"My first thanksgiving" meltdown

Happier babies:)


  1. Oh wow! Too much cute! I do love your 'bangs' too :) (Australian's say 'fringe')

  2. This post was full of cuteness!!!


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