Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Parenting Practise

This last weekend my husband and I went to his brother's house to babysit their 5 month old twin boys while they went away for an Anniversary weekend. It was SUCH a good experience as we got to bond with our little nephews. They both were coming down with colds so they slept a lot (which was nice for their aunt and uncle who aren't used to sleep deprivation). We definitely had our hands full with these little guys, but it was a good preview of parenthood. It was tiring but worth it:)

One thing that was especially nice was watching my husband interact with the little ones. He hasn't been around babies very much so I have often wondered how he will react when we have a little one. But he was amazing with them, always right there to hold them, cuddle them, feed them, entertain them, etc. It really put my heart at ease. I knew I was married to a good man, but now I know I am married to a good father.

We bravely took them out all bundled up to the grocery store, where everyone ooed and ahhed over them

My favorite. The baby was fussy and wanted to be held constantly so my husband took him on a tour of all the windows in the house.

Matching smiles!

My husband and his mini

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  1. Wonderful! My husband held a baby for the first time about 9 months before our first came along. And I married someone who proclaimed not to like children (in fact, he still says he is not a 'kid person'). But he is such a tender father. God puts a father's heart into a man.


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