Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We Voted

My husband and I just voted, and it it very exciting that we did! We live in a swing state, so it is nice to actually feel like our votes count. I know I know, all our votes count. But I grew up in a Democrat state where it felt like my vote never mattered. Now I feel like I really matter! My husband has never voted before (Tsk, tsk) and so he was excited to do this for the very first time.

Our GIANT smiles and "I love voting" stickers. The coordinating shirts were not planned
This was a difficult election for many Christians. Do we vote for someone who claims to be a Christian but doesn't act like one, or vote for a morman? Do we just not vote? In the end, I took a lesson I learned from my political science college courses: If you don't vote, your vote goes by default to the person you wouldn't have voted for.  So I voted for the candidate I felt would uphold more of my Christian values.

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  1. I too live in a swing state so it was fun to feel like my votes really counted. Went to sleep last night happy knowing I did my part and that I could find out results upon waking this morning! No staying up late for me to watch the coverage.


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