Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Infomercial: Do vacuum-sealed space bags really work?

 I love my new apartment, but have been struggling with a lack of storage space! When I recalled those vacuum-sealed bag infomercials from my tv watching days, I couldn't help but think how amazing it would be if they actually work. They would solve quite of few of my storage issues!

 I went to my husband and mentioned that I might like to purchase some to try out and he gave me his blessing. I bought a variety of sizes, and decided to do my own infomercial here on whether or not these things actually work.

And the verdict is....... THEY DO!

My goal was to fit my very thick queen-size down comforter into one of the bags, and honestly I had doubts I could even get it into the largest bag I bought.

So I folded up my comforter into the smallest square I could get it. 
 And I still had my doubts about it fitting!

But somehow it fit, and with extra room to spare. 
Then I put my vacuum hose up to the hole and turned it on.....
and within 60 seconds my comforter looked like this.
For a comparison of how small it was compared to the original, here is a photo of it next to another bag of the same size
pretty impressive! And it stayed that small (no air leaked into the bag) until I opened it last week to use it. The comforter immediately resumed it's giant form and there was no damage done.

Thanks to these bags I was able to store 3 queen-sized comforters in a 2'x2' storage cube which came with the bags. 


  1. I have used those too and they really do work!

  2. Excellent! I use those bags to store all of my children's clothes as they grow out of them. The diminished need for storage room is an advantage, and the protection from moisture and bugs is even better!

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