Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day with my Valentine!

This time of the year is very busy for me and my husband. Valentine's Day is only 3 weeks before our anniversary, which is only 6 days before my birthday! And then we will be going on a big international trip just 2 weeks after my birthday this year. So, needless to say, we decided to lay low this Valentine's day and do something at home.

I have never been big on Valentine's Day. However, I decided last minute that I was going to make this an extra special holiday for us both. So I went to the store and bought all of my husband's favorite foods (beef filet, sweet potato fries,and chocolate chip cookies). Then I went to the dollar store and spent a whopping $13 on decorations.

I cleaned the house, decorated, and made us a nice dinner. My husband was pleasantly surprised when he came home and saw our apartment transformed.
And I managed to make us a special dinner without burning anything! 

Then we went for a walk together and enjoyed the almost-Spring weather.
It was a very special day, and frugal!


  1. Very sweet. Simple is often so much better and surprises are always great. :)


  2. I love that he happened to be wearing a red shirt for the occasion :)


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