Thursday, May 2, 2013

Turn-Around Thursday

Welcome to this edition of Turn-Around Thursday, which is a time when I get to turn my frowns upside down... literally. I invented this as a way to encourage myself and others to get out of pity-party mode and start thinking positive thoughts. Ah! The power of being positive!

So here we go:
1) Horror or all horrors, I had to throw away my Disney Princess mug (a gag gift from my mom who nicknamed me "Princess" when I was younger) because I dropped it and it broke :(
Turn-around: Luckily I still have my light-up Disney Princess cup (another gift from my mom... do you see a pattern here?)
Are you jealous?
2) I am still up 5 pounds and decided to eat 2 Steak and Shake steak dogs for dinner....and a few of my husband's fries.... and a few sips of his milkshake.... and a lemon Italian ice....all in about 10 minutes. 
Turn-around: I had terrible sinus pain all day and somehow after eating all that terrible food.... I felt fantastic. Isn't happiness good for you?

3) I went out to the car to be greeted by a flat tire.... and it was pouring rain....Then I waiting in the pouring rain while AAA patched my tire, then had to change my soaked clothes, and was over an hour and a half late for an appointment.
Turn-around: something about standing in the rain while the wind hurls water at you really makes you slow down and re-evaluate the crazy pace of life. It's sad that sometimes it takes something like this to make you slow down a bit

4) I smelled something funky in my kitchen and couldn't figure out what it was, until I emptied the sack of clementines into the fruit bowl and discovered one of them was so rotten it was actually powder, and it proceeded to cover everything else in the fruit bowl with it's green powder
Turn-around: Perhaps a break from Vitamin C is a good thing for my body because I will not be eating clementines EVER AGAIN!

Do you have any Turn-Arounds to share this Thursday? Share in a comment


  1. hahaha- Just last week I kept smelling something really sharp and rather bitter. I could not figure out what it was. My husband didn't smell it at all (which isn't unusual as I tend to have a much more sensitive nose). Finally, I checked everything in our pantry and discovered a mandarin orange that had gone bad in the bottom of the bowl. I was so relieved that I finally found the source & couldn't believe how bad it smelled! I had to share that with you because you're #4 cracked me up for obvious reasons. I really enjoy your "Turn it around Thursday" posts. It's good to see someone who will present both the ups and downs experienced in life regardless of how big or small they may be. :)

  2. I just can't get over that princess cup. Let's face it. I AM jealous :)


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