Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Favorite Money-Saving Websites

If you've been around here long you know that I am a big fan of saving money. My husband and I are working very hard to get debt-free and stay that way. That means we try to keep our spending down and save wherever we can. I wanted to take a moment to share with you some of my favorite websites for saving money. In no particular order:

If you aren't using this website already, you should be! This is a great website for online shopping at pretty much any store you can think of. All you have to do it go to Ebates and set up an account. Then while online shopping, simply enter the store website you wish to go to through the Ebates website and you will earn cash back on whatever buy. Essentially, Ebates is getting a "referral kickback" and they share it with you. The cash back amounts fluctuate, but recently I got all our vitamins and my husband's protein supplements at with a 14% cash back through Ebates. This is a great especially during holidays, as they will sometimes double the amount of cash back. The money is then sent to you by check or paypal.

This is such a cool website and I only just started using it. They buy and sell used kids and women's clothing for great prices. The prices are really low, similar to thrift store prices, and everything is already pre-inspected for quality. The photos of the items are really good quality, so it is a little better than ebay, where the photos can be pretty iffy. You can also sell things back to them (I haven't done this yet, but am planning on doing it soon). You can ship your items to them and they will pay you 40% of the resale value up front. By clicking on the link I provided above, you will also get a $10 credit, as I am referring all of you!

3) Groupon, Ebay Daily Deals, Amazon Local, Cities on the cheap, and Living Social
If you haven't jumped on this gravy train yet, you are missing out. Essentially they offer items, experiences, trips, etc for a fraction of the price. For example, I bought 4 tickets to our local minor-league baseball team for only $10. I paid the $10 when I bought the deal on groupon, and then just had to show the purchase on my smart phone (or you can print it out) when we went to the game. We bought my mom a brand new 5 quart Kitchen Aid mixer on Ebay Daily Deals for only $189. Many of these deals are customized for you locally so you can get local experiences. They always have restaurant deals, which are great for date night

Many of us don't use coupons because they take time. I was turned on to this website by my friend, and it is literally couponing for dummies (or perhaps couponing for busy people). You go there, sign in, check all the coupons you want, and press print. I like this website more than any other coupon website, as it takes me literally 5 minutes or less to get what I want. Another good coupon website is, although I think couponsuzy is still easier to use.

If you use this together with Ebates, you can save some serious money. They post promo-codes for online shopping which can save you lots of money. Whether it's free shipping codes, % off codes, or buy 1 get 1 codes, it is always a good idea to check out this website before you complete an online order.

This is great for saving on essential expenses like gas for your cars or phone services. Go to this website and they search multiple providers to help you find the biggest savings. I personally love their savings option, which shows you which are the best local banks for storing your savings.

By far the easiest way for you to save a few dollars. You can either go to the website or download the phone app. It will search gas stations near you to help you find the cheapest gas station. ( has the same feature, but I like having the gasbuddy phone app).

Do you have any money-saving websites you love? Add them in a comment below

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