Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Gift of Purity

 I found this story and photo and thought it was such an amazing testimony of why purity is so important.
Link to the story

I mentioned in earlier posts that I fell into sexual sin before I became a Christian in my early 20s, and unfortunately I did not protect my purity. I cannot express to you the damage that sexual sin has wrought in my life. What seemed so "normal" when I was a teen has ended up leaving permanent emotional scars. I cannot erase those experiences, images, or feelings from my memory. I never imagined that sexual sin would cause damage in my future marriage. After all, "everybody does it".

Unfortunately, our pasts have affected the relationship between me and my husband. We have prayed our way through, and as a result have both become strongly convicted of the importance of purity until marriage. We often find ourselves wistfully thinking "I wish I had waited for you....".  

The saddest thing is that I felt like no one valued my purity. Our society certainly doesn't make girls feel that purity is important, and neither do most of the boys they meet. I had never had someone sit me down and give me reasons why I should be pure until marriage. I knew waiting was a good idea, but it didn't seem practical.

The story I shared above about purity really touched my heart, because she expresses 2 very important points:

1) She valued her purity and therefore her husband did too, all throughout their courtship. This is so important because if a man doesn't value and help you to protect something that means a lot to you, he is not the man the Lord would have for you.

2) They had outside help. On our own it is so easy to fall pray to sin. It is so important to surround yourself with people who will support your convictions and encourage you in the ways of the Lord. Get an accountability partner or two and keep each other strong. Pray your heart out and form a bond with the Lord that will allow you to stand against temptation.

I hope you enjoy this story and pass it on to those you know. It is too late for me, but I plan to encourage all the women I can to value their purity. Will you join me in encouraging the women in your life in the same way?


  1. Most certainly I will, and do!
    Thank you for sharing that link, it is beautiful.
    I too had no idea how much sexual sin would affect my marriage. My background is complicated- sadly much more than 'average' teen rebellion, but God has worked amazing healing. None-the-less, scars remains.

  2. I just wanted to say, don't feel too bad about your past! After all, we cannot change it. We can only focus on our futures. I too fell into sexual sin when I was a teenager. Yes I regret it but at least now I know that I can teach my children the right way :) also I know that I can live the right way for myself and my future husband. Blessings!


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