Friday, July 5, 2013

Chaos with Auntie

Two weekends ago my husband and his brother went out on a fishing trip together for a few days. I volunteered to come and help my sister-in-law with her 13 month-old twin sons for the 4 day weekend. It ended up being such a fun time, as I spent two of the day alone with the boys during the day. We had the best time doing things that auntie's do best.

Like playing under the kitchen table for an entire afternoon

and playing the all-important game of "bowl-head" for a good hour
And learning how to share
And how fun it is to make loud noises by slapping the seats of the kitchen chairs
And we even spent time playing in the outdoor pool thingie
And like any good aunt, I pulled out the banana flavored rice cookies when tears and tempers started flying
And it all calmed down.

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