Friday, June 28, 2013

Goodbye Teflon, Hello Ceramic

I have been hoping for a long time to get rid of the teflon-coated pots and pans that I own. I have been using a variety of different pans given to me by friends and relatives. Sure I had a nice collection, but I knew I wanted to rid my life of teflon in general. But in my life, where getting out of debt is the priority, I just never felt good about spending hundreds of dollars on new pots and pans.
My old, teflon-coated collection
Teflon is a slippery substance that is used to make most pots and pans non-stick. Repeated teflon exposure can lead to thyroid, liver, and infertility issues, as well as lung problems and cancer. It builds up in your system over time and doesn't break down, making problem appear after years of exposure. Many believe that teflon is only dangerous after it is scratched and can then leak into your food. In fact, teflon releases toxic fumes when it is heated to above 500 degrees (most of us cook at higher temperatures than that).

To do some research on your own about the dangers of teflon, here are a few articles to consider:
Dangers of Teflon, What are the dangers of teflon-coated cooking?

Personally, I'd rather play safe than sorry, especially with a little one on the way. So last weekend my mother-in-law took me to the department store where she works to find a good deal. I wanted to try to find some non-stick ceramic pans, as I don't want to have to add oil to everything in a non-coated pan (that can cause its own carcinogen problems).

I ended up finding a ceramic set that was on sale, and my mother-in-law's discounts and coupons made it even cheaper.
So what was the final price, you ask? By now you all know that I am all about a good deal. Here were the original prices for these 3 pieces
$84.99, $299.99, $59.99
I ended up getting everything for less than $70. I did my "good deal" dance in the store when we were leaving. I am so happy to have an entire new set which is safe for me and my family.
I have been using the set for the last few days and can happily report that the non-stick quality of these pans works great. They have been super easy to clean, even though they are all hand-wash only.


  1. I haven't had teflon pans in years, but recently have even transitioned away from my hard anodized set to using all cast iron or enameled cast iron. I now have 3 skillets and one dutch oven that get so much use! I haven't tried the ceramic ones so it will be interesting to see how they hold up for you!

  2. Oh wow! that is a good deal!! Enjoy your new pots :)

  3. yup yup yup, teflon is bad! I love my enamled cast iron. it is pretty much all I use. I really want to find a good pancake griddle that isn't tefloned, but I haven't seen one. :(

  4. Hello I read your posts on google reader, since that is ending how do I subscribe to your blog via email? Thanks

    1. Hi Kelly, you can continue to find me at, or you can read your favorite blogs like I do at


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