Thursday, June 27, 2013

Turn-Around Thursday

While I am usually a very upbeat person, I do have my moments. Turn-Around Thursday is all about taking bad or frustrating situations and turning them around to see the positives. This has helped me to turn around lots of situations that have come my way!

1) Thanks to the little one I am now pregnant with, all I want to eat is caesar salad (with non-raw-egg dressing, of course). Unfortunately I found out today that homemade caesar salad is not as good as restaurant-made.
Turn-around: I don't think caesar dressing is very healthy anyway, so it's probably good I have less of it, right?
My homemade attempt at chicken caesar salad was just not the same.....

2) Pregnancy is also making my stomach turn at everything: weird smells, most foods (besides caesar salad), the supreme court's ruling yesterday.....
Turn-around: I would gladly feel terrible every day of the rest of my life if it means getting to hold this little one early next year.

3) My husband went on a fishing trip where there were no facilities of any kind, and now I have a giant pile of gross, smelly, dirty, boy laundry to do.
Turn-around: At least I have a washing machine to do most of the work for me. Imagine if I had to wash all this on a washboard in a tub like many women around the world do. Didn't I decide not to complain about 1st world problems?

4) After 5 days away from the house while my husband was fishing and I was watching my twin nephews, my house is a mess. An absolute mess. Catch up is so not fun when all I want to do these days is nap.

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  1. Hopefully the food aversions will subside. I was sick the entire 9 months with my son, but he was worth every moment of it! The laundry will eventually get done as will the house cleaning. Enjoy time thinking and resting with your husband and little one. Before you know it, everything will be messy and the baby will be here and your life will never be the same (of course it will be much better)!


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