Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I Have Never....

I am a woman of many contradictions. While I am a homebody and quite conservative, I am also a bit of an adventurer at heart. I LOVE trying new things, exploring new places and ideas, tasting new foods, and learning new things.

So I decided to think of a list of 5 things I have never done. Perhaps I will seek to tackle these "nevers" sometime in the future.... and perhaps not.

I have never....

1) Eaten Cottage Cheese
I am the least picky eater in the world, probably, but one whiff of Cottage Cheese has made it clear to me that I will never like the stuff.... and I'm good with that.

2) Been to a North American coast
Sure I've been to the Baltic, Adriatic, Black, and Mediterranean seas, and I have been in the Atlantic off the southern coast of Brazil, but I have never been in or in the vicinity of the ocean in North America. I'm Midwestern born and raised.

3) Gone snorkeling or scuba diving
and I probably never will! I have a crazy fear of underwater animals, so I doubt I will ever attempt either of these unless my life depended on it.

4) Lived in a dorm
Lucky, lucky me! I went to college in Istanbul, Turkey where I lived in an apartment with other Turkish students, and when I moved back to America I lived in an apartment off campus as well. From all the stories I've heard, I haven't missed much.

5) Had Braces
When I was younger and all my friends were showing up with multi-colored braces, I felt like I was totally missing out. But then I realized that I am one of the only people I know who never had braces and still ended up with straight teeth. I always joke that God had me at the front of the tooth line and at the back of the foot line.

What are a few things you have never done?

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