Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Making Room for Baby #2

Our apartment needs to be reorganizated in order to fit our little baby and all the stuff that will come along with it. Yes, I know that babies only come with as much stuff as you want them to, and I am by nature a minimalist. But due to giant families, I already have 2 large babies showers in the works for this little one. Needless to say, my husband and I knew that after Christmas, we were going to have to do some serious reorganizing.

The first thing to do was reorganize our living room in order to make some spare space for baby stuff. We took down our Christmas tree, which was in a corner of the living room

We began to pack away all the Christmas stuff in the room. Then we switched the two couches in the room to make more space, and cleared out the space in the corner by the windows for the baby

The Baby Corner
We were given our baby swing by my husband's brother and his wife, who had twins last year. I originally planned on foregoing a swing, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this beautiful swing for free. It's exciting to see it set up in the corner of the room, waiting for it's tiny little occupant.
Next we will begin working on the spare bedroom, which we hope to get organized soon. Right now I am just happy to have figured out this tiny space for our little one


  1. It looks wonderful! Wow... the baby swings sure have changed! I have 4 kids and I remmeber the BIG swings with the wind up handle that scared the baby every time it needed "refreshed".. lol! They are *much* better now!

  2. ahhhh..... a swing can be your absolute best friend. :-)

  3. That is quite the swing! My kids never liked the swings - they loved the bouncers instead. But I couldn't complain about getting one for free either! Good luck with getting the spare bedroom in order!


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