Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting Ready for Baby's Arrival

Well, I am just over 39 weeks pregnant, and that means we are in the final stretch before baby arrives. Technically baby could arrive any day now, with an estimated due date of June 8th. However, first babies tend to come late and, on average, arrive at 41weeks and 1 day. So I am preparing to be pregnant for a little while longer. (But I do remind the baby daily that he/she is more than welcome to come RIGHT NOW!)

In the meantime, my nesting has gone into hyper drive (aka: I've gone crazy). It's been a great way to get myself used to being a homemaker, as I can't help but be productive!

Some of you may remember that when I got married a few years ago, I made a plan to have everything finished a full week in advance. It was a great idea, since I was able to spend the entire week before my wedding spending time with friends and family and relaxing. No last minute rushing around.

I have attempted to do that same thing with this baby, but I'm finding it a little more difficult. I keep finding more projects I want completed. So I created a list of projects, some big and some small, that I am going to attempt to complete before baby arrives. It has actually been great, because this list is helping to keep my mind off of the "I'm ready for this baby to come out NOW!" mantra that is attempted to invade my mind at every turn.
My husband has even been sucked into my to-do list, helping me to cross things off and also helping to maintain projects that have already been finished.

The first item we finished off the list was to get the baby's room ready for our homebirth

Do you remember my nursery reveal? Yeah, the room didn't stay that way for long! We decided that the baby's room was the best set-up for the birth. So one of my projects was to get the room organized and ready for the big event. The only thing we have to do when labor starts is put the liner on the tub, pump it up the rest of the way, and fill it with water.

Oh, and have a baby :)

Some other things on the list were to set up and stock the baby's pack n play in our bedroom
This is where we are planning for the baby to sleep for a while before we move him/her to the nursery. It is all stocked up with burp cloths, muslin blankets, a changing pad cover, wipes, and some disposable diapers for the first few meconium days before we switch to cloth.

The list also included the LONG task of going through my jewelry and sorting it. I ended up throwing away quite a few pieces that haven't held up over time

Yep, I'm still using this DIY wall rack for my jewelry that I made out of a goodwill frame and window screening. It has held up really well and, as you can see, holds a lot of jewelry!

Lots more to do still! And as you can see, the bottom of the list has extra spaces for me to fill in items as I see them. It's definitely a great way to keep busy and not think about how cozy this baby seems to be in there....

What is one task you have been putting off doing around your home? The jewelry sorting was definitely a big one for me.


  1. This is so exciting! Having a baby can make one feel a little nervous so whenever I am preparing to have a baby I remind myself to "be brave". So, BE BRAVE, Amy! :-) It will be here soon and I am quite sure that you will find that your hard work and preparation beforehand has paid off! :-)

  2. Hope all goes well! What a marvelous adventure! Somebody is praying for you in France!

  3. You've set up everything so well! I'm really curious about your birth experience - I hope you'll share your thoughts once it's over. I respect you a lot for choosing a home birth - in my country it's not even possible unless the baby surprises you, of course, and gets born before you get to the hospital and I think you're really brave for choosing to give birth at home. It must be much more genuine than a hospital birth, which is the only experience I have.


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