Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Operation Nesting: Nursery Reveal!

I have been teasing you all for weeks, but I finally received my last Etsy orders in the mail and was able to finish the nursery!

I know that baby's don't really need nursery's, and if they have one I am sure they don't need to be color coordinated and pretty.


I figured with the amount of time I'll be spending in that room nursing and such, I might as well make it a beautiful space. Plus, I made it gender neutral so that I can use the same decorations over and over for future babies should God gift them to us.

I am not a beige person.... or a muted colors person. Unfortunately, most of the gender-neutral nursery decorations in the stores are beige, light yellow, or sage green. I like bright and bold colors, and I wanted that for baby's room.

So I decided to get most of the decorations from Etsy, where I could order custom-made pieces that were exactly the colors I wanted them to be. Luckily I found some great vendors who created very high-quality work for reasonable prices. 

You might remember the nursery inspiration board which I shared a while back
I ended up using quite a few items from the board, including the exact mobile and boppy cover. I also used the fabric on the pillows to make curtains, and the other fabric on the left is part of our baby's bedding.

So are you ready????

Here is a "before" photo of what used to be our guest room/office/everythingthatdoesn'thaveaplace room
And now here is that room transformed into our nursery (with a guest bed in it)
On either side of where I am standing are closets. One of them is now filled with organized baby stuff, most of which baby won't need for a while yet
 Luckily our 2nd bedroom is quite large... bigger than our master, in fact. I purchased an inexpensive grey duvet cover and pillow cases to allow our guest bed to fit well into the room's decor (I also wanted it to fade into the background a little)
 The curtains were made by me, and are thermal-backed to keep our energy costs down.

The changing pad cover is made by the same woman who made our crib bedding on etsy. On the left is our cloth diaper stash, and on the right are 2 diaper pails: one for actual garbage and disposable diapers, and one with a wet bag liner for cloth diapers. My husband painted that shelf bright red for me and the "Dream" sign was a baby shower gift

When looking for ideas for wall decorations, I found this photo on Pinterest
So I purchased embroidery hoops on ebay and fabric from fabric.com to make this wall decoration. Very easy to make and I love the way it turned out

Our boppy cover from Etsy is made of the same fabric as the map in the center embroidery hoop

 My husband's family surprised us with this glider and ottoman, even though we had originally not registered for one. It is such a cozy chair and I can't wait to use it with our little one.

A family friend made the small quilt on the back of the rocking chair for us. Baby's growing book collection is in a basket next to the chair, as well as a basket with some toys
Our crib was a gift from my husband's mom, and we are thankful to have a brand new crib to use for this little one and any future children that come our way.
The one "splurge" I made is this mobile from Etsy. I was planning to make one myself but my super frugal husband told me to buy one instead, as he knew it would be a bit of a stressful project with everything else that is going on around here. I am happy with the results, as it is very well made. (And I am very thankful I can put my energy into other projects instead of this one)
Our bedding was the last item to arrive, and it was totally worth the wait! I am so incredibly happy with it. I was able to pick out the fabrics I wanted from a grid of 16 or so fabrics that matched, andan Etsy craftswoman made everything to specification. I ordered 2 crib sheets, a crib skirt, and that quilt which ties all the fabrics in the room together.

Next to the crib is a hamper I found on clearance
The aquarium in the crib is the same one that my twin nephews have, and they love theirs. It even came with a remote control so I can turn it on from the next room if baby wakes up at night (talk about spoiled babies, huh?)
You all might recognize the fabric in the crib skirt as the "losing" fabric when I asked you all your opinions about the curtain fabric. It is also used in the quilt and the embroidery hoop art

This means I get to finally cross another item off my Operation Nesting list:

So what do you think? Have I achieved a (somewhat) gender neutral room? Have any of you also attempted to put together a nursery from scratch?


  1. What a beautiful and practical nursery! Such a great space, well done, you've done a beautiful job :) so excited for you as you enter this new stage!

  2. Love it! It's very unique and bright, you did an amazing job :-)

  3. Very gender-neutral, in my opinion, and the colour combinations are fresh, unexpected and unique. Well done! As you said, everything gender-neutral tends to be yellow, green or beige, so your take is a welcome change.

    I hope you get to use the nursery soon, you must be getting impatient. My due date is on Friday and I'm really getting antsy - I wish baby were here already! :D

  4. I love it!! You did an amazing job!! (now do you want to come decorate my nursery?? :) ) It has great that you got it all finished before baby comes because I didn't get mine decorated before and I wish I had cause it just doesn't seem to be getting done now!

  5. Wow this looks BEAUTIFUL!! Perfect for a boy or a girl. :-) Love the colors!!

    xoxo A

  6. Beautiful nursery. You are right that you will spend a lot of time in there, so it may as well be cute and comfortable! You did a great job!

  7. Hi, Amy. I have read your blog for some time and I am so encouraged by so much I read. It is a blessing to see a young couple living so purposefully for the Lord. Even in Christian circles that is RARE. Your nursery came out beautiful. The colors are the same colors we used for our 1 year olds birthday celebration a few weeks ago. Our adult daughter has a ministry and business which involves sewing Owls to support Down Syndrome Awareness. I would love to send you one to match your nursery if you wouldn't mind sharing your address. If you have trouble replying to this comment via email you can find my email address on the side bar of my blog... ArtsChiliPepper.blogspot.com Blessings, Kat

  8. Amy you did a beautiful job!! I love the embroidery hoops, the quilt, and especially the mobile. Now all you need is your little one :)

  9. Wow! This looks so good, Amy! I love the colors. Everything looks perfect.

  10. I truly love it! it is absolutely adorable!


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