Thursday, February 13, 2014

Operation Nesting: Nursery Update and Give me your opinion

One of the projects on my Operation Nesting list is to get our nursery put together. Much of this will have to be completed after my baby showers in March, but I finally have the plans put together!

I wanted a nursery that was gender neutral and could be used for any children we have in the future. The problem is that most gender neutral bedding and nursery sets at the stores are... well.... boring.

I am more of a colors person. I avoid the color beige whenever possible, and every other person I know with a gender neutral nursery has green, yellow, and brown. I want something different.

So I decided, after literally sitting with a color wheel and brainstorming on the gender neutrality of different colors, that our baby's nursery will be Red, Turquoise, and Gray

Here is a sneak peak of my ideas
The furniture has also been picked out. Usually I like to buy used, but thanks to the generosity of my mother-in-law, I am happy we have a brand new crib to pass on to our future children.

Originally I picked out this crib set in complete white, but it was discontinued. I ended up settling with this slightly off-white set with espresso colored edging. We will also have a matching dresser with the dark top, which will duo as our changing table.

Baby's room is also slowly getting organized. Remember the craziness it was before?
This is what it looks like now
We still have some work to do, but I am seeing hope. I also managed to get one of the closets in the baby's room cleared for baby stuff.

You will notice we kept the guest bed in the bedroom, as this will duo as a guest room and baby room. But we did shove the bed into the corner so it is no longer the focal-point of the room.

So here is where I ask for your opinions! The curtains I have hanging in this room will not match the nursery theme, so I plan to sew new curtains.

The only thing is that I am a bit stumped on which fabric to buy. Which do you all prefer?
Option 1:
 Or, Option 2:
 Post your opinion in a comment below!


  1. I don't know. I like the 2nd one best but leans more toward the girly side, where as the other one is a bit chunky and unbabyish. just my humble opinion.

  2. I am partial to the second option. :)

  3. Considering that the walls are neutral, I would go with the first choice since it has more color and so will stand out from the wall more.

  4. are they going to be just panels? if so then go with the top print. It is more bold and there is only one window in the room so make a good statement! now if you are going to do do panels AND a valance then I would go bold with the valence and the quieter print on the panels. Then you wont completely overload the window. OR, WAIT! I GOT IT! (the idea just came to me....) Buy both. Make panels. And use the quiet print for the bulk of the panel and then make a seem and use the louder print for about 18-24 inches on the top bottom to simulate a "border" or "valance". Those are always fun curtains.

    that link is what I mean. scroll down a little more than half way down the page and there are cream colored/black scroll curtains in three variations that I think are super cool. Can't wait to see what you decide! Planning for babies is so fun!

  5. My choice would be option 2.
    I'm a mother of 3 (boys!). All of them were born with the assistance of our wonderful midwife. :-)

  6. I like option 2. It's less busy and more elegant :)

  7. I like option 2. I also love your colors! Great choice!


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