Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Victoria is 2 months old!

This little girl is 2 months old today
I can't believe it either. If she looks big in this photo, that's because she is! This is a 6 month outfit. She is 14lbs and 25inches long, which puts her in the 99% for both. The doctor was asking me all sorts of questions today wondering if I was overfeeding her! But turns out she is just big like her mama. I was always a tall person, and was the same size as my brother who is 3.5 years older than me until high school. 

New this month:
-She discovered her hands and feet and takes every opportunity to kick and punch with them. She is also a big fan of sucking on her hands, which is fine with me since she doesn't take a pacifier.

-She is a huge fan of her playmat, and goes to town knocking, kicking, and wiggling everything on it. 

-She can roll from her front to her back as of several weeks ago, and yesterday she rolled out of her Boppy pillow.

-She likes to stand with someone holding her arms. 

-She is now sleeping in her crib in her nursery :(. I thought she would stay in our room longer, but she is such a light sleeper, we were constantly waking her up when we would so much as roll over (even with fans on for white noise). Now that she is in her own room, she wakes up only at about 1am and 5am instead of every 2.5 hours starting when she goes to sleep at 7:30. Everyone is sleeping better now

-She smiled at only 10 days old, and now laughs and squeals when she is excited. 
-She is outgrowing all of her clothes so fast! I get sad when I pack away some of my favorites, but I always say "This is for little sister", which makes me hopeful and excited I'll be able to use them again.



  1. Wow! Time sure is flying! She's a beauty! You are very blessed. :)


  2. Lovely, lovely Victoria! She's adorable and really so big and smart. What you describe at two months my little one only started doing recently, and she turned 3 months last week! But how tall are you and your husband for her to be so big?!

    1. I am5'10" and my husband is 6'3". I have always been tall and was always the biggest in my class growing up


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