Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Break

It's been quiet here the last few weeks, and honestly I've needed, and still do need, the break. This housewife and mom thing is not easy, and I am working right now to get a good routine down. This blog is a place I truly love to be, but I definitely need to get some things in order around here first.

I am still working on my weight loss (5 pounds down!) and am also purging junk out of my house like there's no tomorrow (goodbye to 33 pairs of socks today).

Little Victoria is not so little anymore. She is in the 100th percentile for height and 99.5% for weight, which makes her about the size of an average 7-8 month old. And she recently found her voice and has been practicing screaming as of late (check out around 8 seconds in this video)

Victoria loves her playmat so much that my in-laws gave us their twins' playmat as well so she could have some variety.

I promise I will be back here as soon as possible. The goal right now is to get myself on a better schedule that includes built-in time to blog. Until then, please don't think I've fallen off the face of the Earth. I am still here!


  1. Enjoy Victoria and these precious early days. Blogging will come.

  2. hello! I found your blog quite some time ago but never commented. But hearing your little girl find her voice reminds me so much of when my nugget found hers! she is four now and talks nonestop! Blessings!


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