Monday, September 22, 2014

Victoria is 3 months old

Sweet Victoria Rose turned 3 months old this last Saturday.
Every day she is showing us a little more of her likes, dislikes, and overall sweet and energetic personality. I can already tell she will be into everything when she is more mobile.

She is also still a very big baby, with no signs of slowing down! She is 26.5 inches long and 16pounds 5ounces, which puts her in the 100th percentile for height and 99th for weight. She is already wearing mostly 9 month clothes, which means I am always packing things away she no longer fits in.

I am also getting a little worried that she will no longer fit in her car seat carrier soon. Although those car seats usually fit until after 1 year, she is fast approaching the 30 inch height limit, and I've had to move the straps up to the highest setting already.

Here's a little side by side comparison of Victoria last week and her 4 weeks ago
While part of me is sad my little baby is growing so fast and won't be little for much longer, I cannot help but praise God for this healthy (perhaps overly healthy) little girl I have. 

***side note, this is a k'tan baby carrier, which is essentially an easier version of the Moby. I was determined to baby carry as much as possible, but Victoria couldn't stand it. She would start screaming and wiggling after 5-10 minutes. Then I did the baby carrying no-no and I turned her to face outward. The K'tan instructions call this the "adventure " position, and warns against possible overstimulation if baby is in this position too long. Of course Victoria LOVES it, and we can get so much done now. My little adventure baby.

This month Victoria found her voice, and has been screaming, cooing, yelling, fake coughing (no joke), and talking up a storm. I know writing on a blog doesn't always do a great job of relaying who I am and my personality, but I may have been called talkative a time or two (perhaps a drastic understatement). It looks like Victoria is a perfect example of an apple not falling far from the tree.

She is also THIS close to being able to roll from her back to her front
She has quite the oral fixation, yet wants nothing to do with pacifiers. She much prefers her fingers, which the former thumb-sucker in me can totally understand.

She also LOVES her daddy. While she loves snuggles and comfort from me, she wants daddy for fun. He can get her to smile and giggle like no other. And really, is there anything more wonderful than watching your baby and husband fall in love with each other?


  1. She's really really big and looks very alert and curious in the pics! You should be really proud of yourself.


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