Friday, September 26, 2014

The best gift giving advice I never thought of

A few months ago a good friend of mine gave me the perfect birthday gift. THE. PERFECT. GIFT.
A teapot pearl necklace. Seriously people. A perfect combination of a few of my favorite things.

How did she know to buy this amazing gift for me, you ask? I had posted this necklace from Etsy in my "things I love" board on Pinterest. This board is full of random things I see and like. So when she bought this for me, she already knew it would be the perfect gift.

I realized then that my gift giving could go to an entire new level simply by paying attention to someone's pinterest boards. I have a large family and take pride in getting something very personal for each one of them. That can be hard when you have relatives who are minimalists, who have "everything", or who have a style so completely different from yours that you don't know where to begin.

So as Christmas approaches I have already snooped on the pinterest boards of friends and family, looking for perfect ideas for them. While not everyone makes it quite as easy as I do by making a board of things they love, I have been able to find recurring themes or colors that help me to get a sense of what I might get for someone. That sister-in-law who is impossible to buy for? I found out she loves sunflowers through her pinterest. How that will translate into a gift, I'm not sure, but it's better than the square zero I was at before (hopefully she doesn't stumble upon this blog now!).

So there you have it, the best gift giving advice I never thought of. Enjoy!

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