Monday, September 29, 2014

My First V-log and changes here at Corner of Joy

Have you ever seen a video of someone or met someone for the first time and thought "wow, they are nothing like I thought they would be?!".

Yeah, I am giving you all that opportunity with me now. 

It only took me a bazillion takes (slight exaggeration) to make the video below, but I hope you appreciate my efforts. I will be sticking with writing in the future


  1. Love this! It was so fun to hear your voice and get to see a little bit more of your personality :) Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  2. You are just the sweetest thing!! :-) Loved this little video!

    xoxo A

  3. This has me really excited! Your blog is one of the first I started reading on dressing modestly, and although I'm shorter and larger than you, it was nice to see someone my age (I'm 29) dressing modestly, and fashionably. I always love your posts, be it one on your outfits, on Victoria (because she's seriously so adorable!), or just life in general. So, I'm happy that you'll be posting more personal things, and that I'll have an opportunity to get to know you better as time goes by. God bless! :)

    Amber from

  4. I second Julianne! It's always fun when you hear a bloggers voice for the first time, after reading their blog awhile! Might have to give this a go on my blog soon. :D

    As always, you're posts are encouraging and thought provoking. I look forward to hearing more from you! :)

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  5. You did great! You seem like such a natural in front of the camera. It is really interesting how a video can feel like you're "meeting" someone despite having read her blog. On that note- good to "meet" you, Amy! haha

    I'm interested to see what lies ahead for your blog! Motherhood, for whatever reason, also prompted me to make some blogging changes. I've enjoyed the new direction so much, and I think you will too. I'm looking forward to seeing/reading what's to come for your site!

    p.s. You mentioned including blogging in your daily schedule. May I request a post on that? I'm always interested in how to best organize our day. :)

  6. Amy, I loved your vlog! It was so nice to see you in "real life". And I totally agree--a little more "personal Amy" will be a blessing and a delight. Plus all of your readers are going to be excitedly clamoring for Victoria Antics, of course. :-) looking forward to the "new" blog. :-)

  7. It was really nice to see you, and it really was a bit of a surprise, just like you said! I love the direction this blog is going in, since the questions you're asking yourself are the same as the ones I'm asking myself, so I'm looking forward to future posts.

  8. Looking forward to the changes! You are a natural in front of the camera - a woman who speaks very well and looks comfortable, even though you may not have been!

  9. I love it. And l am soo excited to follow your blog :-)


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