Monday, October 6, 2014

New "highchair"

Victoria is loving her new "highchair". We don't have room for an actual highchair in our apartment, and I really like the idea of babies eating with their parents at the table. So we got this
Ignore the gap between the chair and tray. We just pulled the chair out further because she likes pushing her feet up against the table.
It is a Chicco 360 rotating hook-on chair. It hooks onto the table very securely, and has a removable tray for when baby is ready to eat (our little one just likes to sit in it while mom and dad eat). It also is quite heavy-duty and fits children up to 37 lbs.
And, as you can see, the chair is easily rotated 360 degrees so you can face baby towards you if you are feeding them (or letting her watch you vacuum like I am here).

It also has a very deep seat which is perfect for small babies like Victoria who aren't quite sitting up yet on their own.

It also makes a great snack

Anyways, we love this chair and highly recommend it


  1. I always try to have our babies sit at the table with us while we eat. Our high chair hooks onto the regular kitchen chairs so it doesn't take up "extra" space. I like yours a lot though!!

  2. I love this idea! If we are blessing with a child while living in our apartment this seems like a great alternative to a high chair - so much less room without compromising family time!

  3. Good idea! I had wanted a hook on highchair, but then my sister-in-law offered to let us borrow her regular highchair. At a time when we had so much baby items to buy, I gratefully accepted the freebie. However, we trip over the legs constantly and there's nothing that helps support him in the seat. I may consider investing in some hook on highchairs in the future. I can't imagine two highchairs in our space!

    p.s. Oh my, is she CUTE! :)

  4. Seems very practical! We haven't got a high chair yet, and since our apartment is very small this might be just the thing!


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