Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tips for giving personal gifts

I really love giving gifts, and especially for Christmas. Sure I always appreciate when someone gets me a gift, but there is something about planning and getting the perfect gifts for those I love that really gets me excited.

I have a big family, so it can be a challenge to get everyone something special, but here are some of my favorite tips for finding that perfect something that lets someone know you love them. These are probably a little late for you for this Christmas, but will be helpful for any birthday or plans for next year.

1) Take Notes
I keep a note on my phone where I jot down gift ideas all year as I hear them. Mom gushing about a pair of earrings on the phone, a mother in law's casual mention that her hot water kettle needs replacing, or simply noticing a friend's preference for bright nailpolish. All of these help find find something you know they need or want, and they will probably be touched that you remembered!

A good example is my sister sending me this photo of her new bedspread last Spring
At which time she mentioned her need for some matching throw pillows. I jotted that information down, saved the photo, bought some coordinating fabric from fabric.com, and voila! Merry Christmas!

2) Snoop
If you don't know what to get someone, take notes next time you are at their home. What colors are in their living room that they could use a new sofa blanket in? Would they enjoy a personalized picture frame? Do they have a theme in their bathroom or kitchen that you can tap into?

My all-time favorite place to snoop is Pinterest. Snoop around other people's boards to get ideas of what they might like. I bought one sister in law a necklace on Etsy that she pinned, and found out my other sister loves sunflowers (which played into her Christmas gift) from her pinterest boards.

3) Go Homemade
A little time and effort are probably the most touching gifts you can give. A few years back I made homemade nightgowns for my sisters and sister in laws. Some other fun ideas are chocolate spoons for hot chocolate, mittens made from recycled sweaters, or a crocheted throw.
This is a great homemade gift idea that can be modified for all year-roud
If you aren't crafty, though, a better route might be...

4) Go Personalized
An engraved locket or picture frame, a baking pan with the family name on it (I have one and love it, as I always get it back if I bring it somewhere), or a storybook for a child with their name incorporated into it. All of these have the personalized feeling of something homemade without actually being homemade.

5) Go Unique
I have a few places I go to look for unique gifts: world market, uncommon goods, Etsy, Day Spring, Citrus Lane (for children), and Red Envelope. Between all of those places, you should be able to find something unique for anyone. As uniqueness is another great thing about homemade gifts, it also helps give that homemade feel

Here some some fun items I just found at those places:
Cute magnets
For the grammar fanatic in your life
They have these fun headbands in all different designs and colors
6) Go Vintage
An antique jewelry box, a vintage Pyrex dish or nesting bowl set, or perhaps some vintage costume jewelry would all made fun gifts

7) Jar/bag gifts 
You may have seen these on Pinterest, but essentially you fill a glass jar or bag with a theme gift. Perhaps a home theme, with some pretty hand soap or dish soap, pretty hand towels, and a candle. Or perhaps a movie night jar with a classic dvd, popcorn, and candy. I also love the idea of getting a game night bag or jar and filling it with small games like phase 10 or bananagrams. There are so many options that you can search for on Pinterest to get inspiration. 
Game night bag
Fun Jar Gift
8) Subscriptions
I love this idea because it is a gift that keeps giving all year. These can be expensive depending on what you buy,  but there is pretty much a subscription for everything under the sun. My favorites for gifting include Graze, where you get a variety of healthy and wholesome snacks in the mail such as trail mixes, nuts, and dried fruits. They have so many options to choose from and they are delicious.

I also really love Citrus Lane, which we get for Victoria. It is meant for children preschool and under, and they send a box every month to the child with toys and products specific to their age and gender. I can attest to the quality of the products that are sent and have yet to be disappointed. Most of what they send are made from higher quality materials like organic fabrics and wood, and everything has always been unique and fun.

HERE  are some other well-rated monthly clubs that might make fun gifts (I can't personally endorse them, but there might be some fun ideas).

So there you have it friends. These are some of my tricks of the trade, and I hope they gave you some creative ideas for 2015.

What are some of you favorite gifts to give? 

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  1. I love these tips! Especially the one about keeping track throughout the year. My mother-in-law is GREAT at that, and consequently her gifts end up being so thoughtful!


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