Monday, December 29, 2014

Victoria Rose is 6 Months!

Where have the last 6 months gone? This post is 9 days late, but please forgive me as we were traveling until yesterday
 As of about 2 weeks ago she was 28.5" long and 20lbs 12ounces, which again puts her into the 100th percentile. She is wearing 12 and a few 18 month clothes. Over Christmas my relatives loved holding and cuddling her, but their arms got tired quickly!
This month Victoria traveled to see both sides of our family out of state, and she did great in the car. She also learned how to sit and is showing signs of wanting to crawl (she's lifting her butt and rocking). We are in a babyproofing frenzy right now! She also loves standing while holding our hands, jumping in her jumper, and reaching and grabbing for anything and everything in sight.
She still shows no interest in food, and I have always said she will not get solid food until after 6 months, and only then if she is really showing interest. Her doctor agrees that we should hold off until she is really showing interest. So she is still 100% breastfed
She has beautiful blue eyes that we think are here to stay. It is a recessive gene passed down all the way from her great-grandparents.

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  1. She really has gorgeous blue eyes! I'm glad she's growing so well; there's no need to hurry with solids, not every child develops in the same way and she obviously isn't missing anything! My daughter is a month older than Victoria and an inch shorter and not nearly as heavy even though she started begging for solids at 5.5 months. It's best to let the baby dictate, I said and she's eating 2 solid meals per day ATM.

    Has Victoria had her blood screened yet to check her iron levels? I think that's the main reason for introducing solids once baby is a certain age, besides making sure baby grows used to different tastes and textures, but she looks plenty healthy to me.


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