Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Victoria Rose is 8 months old!

Can you believe it? Time is flying for this little one (And me!)

This post is a bit late, as she was 8 months old on February 20th, but better late than never.
Victoria is 31 inches long and 22 pounds, which makes her the size of an average 18 month old. She going to be tall like her mama!

She really is as smiley as she seems. She is a social butterfly and loves meeting new people 

This month Victoria learned how to crawl and is cruising around exploring her new world. She gained 4 more teeth for a grand total of 6, and has started to finally show some interest in solid foods. And just like her mama, she loves the odd stuff like beets and fish!

 She has shocked us all by keeping her beautiful blue eyes, which are passed to her by her great-grandparents.

She loves pulling her toy bin over so she can rummage through it and get exactly the toy she wants.

 And she has figured out how to work a sippy cup, which I give to her full of water while she eats solids.
She is such a wonderful little girl and we are so thankful she is ours!


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  2. Wanted to wish you a happy mother's day, beautiful mama. Miss you on your blog. Praying for you. God bless. xx

  3. haven't seen any updates in a long time...I hope all is well with you and your family!!


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