Monday, March 2, 2015

Thredup vs. Twice

I have expressed my love for Thredup in the past, and have remained a loyal customer for about the last year. Thredup is an online clothing thrift/consignment store. Not only can you buy quality second hand items, but you can sell your items to them as well.

Thredup has been a lifesaver for me in the last few months, as I haven't had much time to go shopping. Browsing the Thredup app on my phone while nursing is about as close as I get to actually shopping.

I recently saw an advertisement for Twice, which is another online store with a similar concept. I had sold some items on Ebay and was ready to use the money to buy some new clothing items. I decided to order half of the items from Twice and half from Thredup and give you all a comparison of how it went.

Both orders were placed on my phone, and both times I was given a discount for using a phone app to make the order. Twice gave me a whopping 50% off (!!!) and Thredup gave me 20% off.

As far as the selection went, I felt like both had a great selection to choose from. Twice did a better job of taking photos of the clothing. They had multiple photos for every clothing item so you could see it from all angles. Thredup is doing better about taking photos of the clothes on manikins, but a lot of the items on their site are difficult to get a good look at. So Twice definitely won there.

However, Twice seemed more expensive in general. And while I am all about spending extra to get better quality clothes, I'm definitely a penny pincher. But then, with that 50% off, I got everything for great prices.

I also liked that Twice had more of my favorite brands (Banana Republic, Anne Klein, J. Crew, Anthropology, GAP), which I like to buy because of the high quality.

Thredup has little girl clothes starting at 12 months, which is amazing! But I have yet to buy anything for Victoria on there, mostly because I can buy similar items for cheaper at consignment sales.

The biggest difference with my two orders came after I submitted them: Thredup took a whopping week to get my items on their way to me, and Twice took 2 days. In fact, I put through my Thredup order several days before my Twice order, and it arrived AFTER my Twice order.

Another issue was that about 5 days after I paid my Thredup order, I received a refund on my paypal. No explaination, just a refund. After I received my order it said on my packing slip that several of the items were "unavailable". I am guessing someone else snatched them up before I pressed the "pay" button. So I ended up getting only half of my Thredup order, which stunk. I received my full order from Twice.

The packaging from both places was great and helped me feel like I wasn't getting used stuff. Again, Twice seemed to have the leg-up here because each of the items were individually packaged. The recycler in me cringed a bit, but the rest of me was pleased with the wrapping. I knew that everything arrived in pristine condition.

This is how my order from Thredup arrived. Essentially all the clothes I ordered were in a pile wrapped in that tissue paper. nice and neat but not as organized as the Twice order.
As for my orders, I ended up keeping all of the items I received my Thredup, which included these (PLEASE ignore my crazy hair and overall frumpiness in these grainy cellphone shots. I'm still shocked I got photos taken at all!):

Surplice tops are great for nursing when you are out and about! I wear a halftee under it and can nurse without disrupting my clothes much

With my Twice order, I only kept 2 of the 6 items I ordered. I was a little sad most of the items didn't work out. But that was more my poor choices than their fault. All the pieces I ordered were in great condition. The return process was flawless and easy. I was able to submit the return online and print a free shipping label and return my items. It took a few days for the money to be refunded to my paypal account.

I kept a basic J. Crew layering top and this shirt:

This anthropology top is my new favorite wardrobe piece! I love it!
Overall, I will probably continue to shop both of these places, but I preferred my experience with Twice. They are often sending me coupon codes and I don't get them as often from ThredUp.
As a quick side note, you can sell your gently used clothing, shoes, and handbags to either of these companies and earn money or store credit from it. I have yet to do this, but I've heard the process is simple.

If you would like to give Twice a try, you can click on THIS LINK to get $10 off your first purchase! That's enough for a free shirt! To be fair, I also get $10 for referring you, but hopefully you don't begrudge me that.

As for Thredup, although it lost this competition, I still love it and will still use it. If you'd like to give it a try you can click on THIS LINK and get $10 off your first purchase. Again, I also get $10 but I promise to only use it for good:) 

If you use both of these $10 off links you could get an item from each place and run your own comparison.

So what say you? Have you tried Twice or Thredup?

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