Monday, March 28, 2016


I like to separate our Easter celebration: we do Easter baskets on Saturday, and reserve Sunday for celebrating the real meaning of Easter with Church and family time.

On Good Friday I decided to break out the egg dye for a little fun with Victoria. She thought it was super fun! So much so, that she kept trying to drink the dye and managed to crack 3 of the eggs before we could get them into the dye. (Apparently hard-boiled eggs crack quite easily)

 Our bounty
I had done a little research on cute twin pregnancy announcements, and I saw one made with Easter eggs that I thought would be cute to make. So we took our dyed eggs and made this cute arrangement to announce our pregnancy to family and friends who hadn't heard the news yet.

We shared this photo via texts and Facebook to make our twins public, and it was fun and heartwarming to see all the responses of excitement and support.
 And this sweet girl got to pose in her new big sister shirt
We gave Victoria her Easter basket on Saturday. I tried to keep it simple, but it ended up just getting filled mostly with things she needed anyway: a new toothbrush, a new pair of sunglasses (her old pair was left in nana's car), socks, hair ties, and a few new books (including a great Easter book) and a beanie baby bunny. She was very excited and spent the rest of the day playing with all her new goodies.
I also put together a small easter egg hunt for her in our back yard. Daddy took her around and she quickly figured out the rules of the game.
 So you think Martha Stewart would approve of that grocery bag turned Easter egg basket???
 Excitedly running to show me her loot (mostly filled with stickers and mini m&ms)
Sunday we enjoyed a nice breakfast at home as a family followed by a beautiful service at our church. We dressed up and Victoria looked cute as a button, and you know I was so dutiful and took an amazing picture of it!

Oops. No I didn't.

And by the time I realized I hadn't taken a photo, Victoria was already out of her dress and down for a nap. Oh well. Sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them too. But take my word for it that she was adorable.

I woke up Easter with a terrible headache and fought it all day. That on top of the tail endings of morning sickness that are still plaguing me, I was not having the best of days. The later it got in the day, the worse I felt.

Then in the afternoon I was talking with my neighbor and mentioned I was not doing so great at planning our day and needed to go inside to plan something for dinner. 5 minutes later she was knocking on my front door. She brought me extra food that she had made for her family including a big container of yummy ham, cheesy potatoes, and homemade cheesecake. It really was one of the sweetest things someone has ever done for me. Our neighbors are a beautiful big Christian family, and somehow the Lord pricked her heart to help me out today. I almost burst into tears right there at the door. And while healthy, normal-feeling Amy would probably have felt guilty for not cooking a big, delicious meal for my family, nauseous head-pounding Amy was overwhelmingly grateful for the help.

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend with your families, celebrating the beauty in the sacrifice the Lord made for us so that we may be made whole in His eyes. What a savior!


  1. So exciting! That was such a cute way to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends. :) Looks like Victoria had a ton of Easter fun! I love the idea of separating the secular part of Easter from your worship time. We will for sure be doing that next year. We always quickly let the kids open their Easter baskets before we rush out to church.

  2. I'm late, but still Happy Easter. This is by far my favourite holiday and also my favourite part of year. We don't have many of the traditions you mentioned in your post, but I do like your notion of keeping Easter Sunday for worship and church. We did the same and - to make you feel better - I, too, planned to take a picture of the whole family dressed in our best and forgot :/ Maybe next year :) I'm sorry to hear you felt poorly and I hope you get fighting fit asap!


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