Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mommy Fitness

Back in October 2014 I posted about how I wanted to get back into shape. As a quick recap, before I got pregnant, I was in ok shape. I went to the gym a couple times per week and did a little cardio and a little light weight lifting. To say I was "in shape" would have been a big stretch, but I did some exercise.

Then I got pregnant, and the longer I was pregnant, the more immobilized I became. By the end (I carried until 41weeks5 days), I was was SO big and sore I just could barely function and felt so terrible. Then I looked at two of my favorite blogs: M is for Mama and Biblical Homemaking.

The authors of these blogs seriously inspired me: As Christian homeschooling mamas of 6 kids each, they both teach Les Mills fitness classes several times per week (and they are real-life friends too). I saw through their blogs how each of them maintained a somewhat active lifestyle well into their 3rd trimesters.

I promised myself that after giving birth I would get into shape so that I would have a good chance of never feeling as terrible as I did during my first pregnancy again.

So my journey started with healing my diastasis  (separation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy) and doing some plyometrics like Push-ups and lunges. Then 3 months post-partum, I felt that I was ready to try a fitness class. I went to my very first Les Mills Body Pump class, and it was amazing! I thought I would stick out like an out-of-shape sore thumb in a fitness class, but I didn't. Everyone in those classes is on a journey, and some are in better shape than others.

Going to Body Pump made me realize that group classes really motivate me. They give me a set time every week when I go to class, which takes off a lot of the pressure of finding time to work out. My life is very busy right now and finding time for something like working out wouldn't happen if I didn't already have it written into my calendar.

So after realizing that group classes help me to stick to working out, I started going to other classes, including a Les Mills Grit class, Les Mills Body Combat, and Spinning. I now go to two Body Combat classes every week on Monday and Wednesday evening, and I fit one other class in every week when it is convenient for my family (either early Saturday morning or Friday Evening). My husband loves this because he gets a fit wife AND gets a short amount of time alone with our daughter, which has helped them to grow closer.

The results have been really great, as I am down to my pre-pregnancy weight AND I am in better shape than I was before I got pregnant. I have more energy, and I'm always surprised by my fitness. I also was gifted with 2 at-home Les Mills programs (Body Pump and Body Combat), so I have the option of working out at home if I want to. The funny thing is that I can barely make it through an hour Body Combat class at home, but I do great when I'm in the group class. The atmosphere really does make a difference.

Now I am pregnant with twins, and I'm continued my workout schedule as much as possible. I go to my classes no matter what, and if I leave early I'm ok with that. Last week Wednesday was a bad day for my tummy and I ended up only making it 20 minutes into my Body Combat class. But I went, and I got 20 minutes of exercise I wouldn't have gotten otherwise.

I'm still not sure how twins will affect my body, but I'm choosing to keeping active and try to continue with my workout schedule, even if that means I do slight modifications for impact. Abbie from M is for Mama has been a great inspiration here, as she had twins as well (and continued to teach classes into her 3rd trimester). I am praying that keeping active and fit will help my body to cope better with the demands of twins, which I know will be a whole different ball game from a single pregnancy.

Also, having my new Fitbit has been helpful. A good friend of mine got hers when she was 7 months pregnant and she said that working to meet her 10,000+ steps per day plus 10+ flights of stairs helped her to keep mobile until the very end. And she said she felt much much better at the end of her pregnancy than she did with her first.

So my current fitness goals are not really there, other than to maintain. I want to continue going to 3 fitness classes per week until I physically can't anymore, and attempt to keep up with the daily steps on my Fitbit. I know my limits and know that with twins there will come a point when I need to really step it back. But until then, my goal is to maintain my current level of fitness and grow big, healthy babies!

Do you have any fitness goals for yourself? What is your favorite way to exercise?


  1. Way to go on keeping up on your exercise! And you are so right, even when feeling bad, getting in just a little bit is better than nothing. :)

    Fitness goals? Entirely run a 5K in May. I am not a fan of running, but feel like I need a good challenge. Favorite way to exercise? WEIGHT LIFTING. I am back at 100% in that, and am making further progress. :)

    Keep up the great work girl! I'll be praying for you!

  2. I would say I was pretty dedicated to maintaining a good exercise schedule (mostly to help with lower back pain) while I was pregnant and I think it truly made all of the difference in my delivery! When my normal exercise routine started to get too difficult for my growing tummy, my work out go-tos became walking and Tracy Anderson's pregnancy DVDs (Which I liked because there is a new DVD for each month of your pregnancy so you don't get to sick of doing the same DVD over and over again).

  3. This is a timely post. I managed to stay quite active during my last pregnancy and bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight after I finished breastfeeding exclusively but I now find it hard to fit in regular exercise. I believe you are right when you say being part of a class sort of forces you to make time for it, but I really dislike exercise classes :/ The fitbit is a great idea, however. After reading your post I went to check the prices and I think I'll ask my husband for his opinion. My birthday was the day before yesterday and I haven't celebrated yet because it's Lent (I always wait till after Eater to celebrate if my birthday happens to fall within Lent), so I'm still owed a present ;)

  4. I am so with you on hating how immobile I was at the end of pregnancy. It was just awful because I am usually small and my body was not used to carrying the extra 50 pounds. Because my pregnancies are so close together, I never felt up to getting back in shape between them. I lost all my pregnancy weight, but I never recovered my cardio or my muscle tone. I really hope I recover faster this time around, as getting in good shape is a major goal this time!


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