Saturday, July 30, 2016

Twin Pregnancy Update: 28 Weeks

Grainy cell-phone mirror photo? Sure!
How far along? 28 Weeks
Babies Sizes: About 2 1/4 pounds and 15 inches
  Total weight gain: 34 pounds!!!! (insert gasp). Believe it or not, my weight gain has tapered off recently, which is probably why twin pregnancies are advised to gain so much weight in the first 2 trimesters. The goal is 37 pounds by 28 weeks, so I am about right on schedule.
Maternity clothes? Yep all maternity now
Stretch Marks? Not yet! But with twins I feel like they will be inevitable
Sleep: Terrible! It has gotten so bad and uncomfortable that we have invested in a new bed. Our old one is too soft and not supportive enough. I am counting the days until our new mattress arrives!
Best moment this week: Victoria now answers questions about the babies. I ask her what is in mamas belly, and she says "babies!" and I ask what the babies names are and she says "sisters!".
Miss Anything? My body combat classes
Movement: I have had to give up my body combat classes due to hip pain, but I am doing aqua aerobics, pilates, and yoga. The babies move around a lot, but I can feel Baby A much more than Baby B, who is tucked a bit behind Baby A. 
Food cravings: Food! and Sugar
Gender Prediction: We are having 2 girls!
Symptoms: Lots and lots of aches. I have tried to keep active and moving around, but I am pretty much in pain all the time. I've been assured this is just how it is with twins (I'm carrying around almost 5 lbs of babies + 2 placentas + double blood volume), and I've been assured it will only get worse.
Mood: I have been in full-on nesting mode for a while now, and it has been so fun. But I also have this semi frantic feeling that I need to get everything done before I am completely incapacitated. I am shocked by how uncomfortable things have become so quickly. I have tried to stay up-beat, but there are lots of times when I'm moody and my temper is short, which definitely is NOT how I want to be.
Looking forward to: My new bed arriving so I can get some better sleep (hopefully!) and continuing to nest!


  1. Carrying a baby (or babies!) Is amazing and challenging at the same time. Sounds like you're doing a wonderful job though. You look beautiful!

    A new mattress makes a big difference! I'm so grateful we replaced ours and I can sleep better than ever during this pregnancy! Hope your new one helps you too!

  2. You look great! Keep up the hard work!


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